Length of availability of new Vernis color

  1. There was another thread about an overpriced French wallet on eBay that seller was claiming was LE, she had emailed me and told me her SA said was only being produced through valentines and would be available for 6 months. I emailed LV with my concern about length of Pomme D'amour availability, and here is the response :biggrin:

    So while it is somewhat LE, most of the Vernis colors are, as mentioned by other on the seperate thread. It will be available for over a year from now... certainly not so LE to warrant a $300 markup on a wallet!
  2. That particular seller likes to jack up the prices.
  3. thanks for the info.

    That jamiemc seller is crazy!
  4. Thanks for the great info!
  5. I'm already on the waiting list for the red heart. SA said it would be in the first week of Feb. I saw a fushia one on eBay going for a BIN of $ 500.00 :shocked:
  6. Yep, usually just about 1 year.