length of Adj. natural cowhide shoulder strap?

  1. Im thinking of getting this can someone please tell me the max and min lengths of it (mainly max) ? i would love to know TIA
  2. bump: sorry guys but i reall want to know! im about to put an order in lesss than an hour so if anyone has one can you plase tell me its urgent! TIA
  3. please does anyone know? its the mono strap
  4. Try calling the 888-vuitton number, not sure if they are open just yet though. Sorry I don't have one to measure for you.
    LV website has customer service #'s for each country.
  5. thanks yeah but im calling overseas (long story turns out reasonably cheaper) so i dont want to be like: "How long is it?... wait while i measure that on myself." lol and my hotline has closed for today dam i should have rung earlier today
  6. omg thanks so much for that lee that second one is the one i wanted, now why the hell didnt i think of looking up ebay duh!
  7. Hehehe:noggin: J/K;) :heart:
  8. lol that pic is exactly me, well i just put my order it at lv, a carryall in monogram, (and the ss to match) and a preforated orange pouchette cles ive been jumpy and excited all night now my 1st lv bag!
  9. Congrats!!! Post pics when you got them:graucho: Now calm down and go to sleep LOL:upsidedown: :P
  10. ^ they will arrive in a week, (ha sleep that wont be happening, now wheres a bottle of moet to celebrate lol) i can believe how cheap it is buying from france (you would apreciate this cos your from oz) the carryall here is $1480 (its 675 euro) the ss the sa told me is between $250-$350 even though she should have known the price its 92 euro and the pouchette cles is $330 here and 150 euro making a total of = $2060-$2160 or 917 euro with a 12% tax return = 807 euro and with thte current aussie dollar thats $1372!!! a effing saving of $688-$788!!! that a 30-36% saving is a lv sale!!! lol