Lena in Bark?

  1. Hi everyone,

    What do you guys think of the Lena in Bark? Does anyone have that purse? What do you guys think of the color -- I'm afraid that it'll be "dull," but it really differs from pictures that I've seen on various websites.

    Do you guys think it'll be a good first Kooba?

  2. Halzer has one on the way, I've got this bag in black and I'm in two minds about it, some days I really like it, but the handles are a bit awkward...will be interesting to see what Halzer has to say about it:smile:
  3. No way will the color be dull. The Bark color is gorgeous!
  4. I've lusted after this bag in bark for a while, especially since Revolve has had it marked down. But, I went into my local Nordies and tried it on in slate. (Great color btw.) The second shoulder strap kept falling off of my shoulder, which I found annoying, so I decided against it and am looking at the Kelsey instead. (Going to pay attention to what Lexie thinks of her Kelsey after it arrives.)
  5. Same thing that's annoying me! I wish I could get a peek at that Slate IRL...:hrmm:
  6. I bought mine when they had the sale at Revolve. I was so excited...and then I got it. I LOVE Kooba, but there's something about that bag I'm just not sure about. The color's is not the greatest IRL and I don't know why, but my purse smells really bad. Not the usual yummy leather smell, but almost like dogfood. :yucky: I tried airing it out and everything, but it's not working. I do love the style...I haven't had any problems with the strap...but I just can't get past the stench. I think I'm going to have to return it!
  7. Maggie, I think the Kelsey should be here tomorrow. According to UPS anyway. But I am working 3-11 so I won't post pics till late late....But then again, I have no idea what time your time is. It's already tomorrow there, isn't it...LOL

    And YES, I seem to recall a weird weird odor that came with my Lena. I assumed it was the dye they use. I know it certainly doesn't smell like leather.
  8. Yep...I have a bark on the way! It should be here any day now. I will leave my thoughts and pics when it gets here.

    About the falling strap thing....I find that most bags with two longish straps fall from my shoulder, but the solution is to place the outer strap onto your shoulder first and then other one over the top. That way the strap that usually falls off is underneath the second strap which holds it better.

    LOL..am I babbling or does that make sense?
  9. I've heard somebody mentioning a strange odour from this bag before, but only the Bark coloured ones..My black one smelt fine (like lovely Kooba:heart:)