Lena at NM for $438

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  1. Hi there!

    NM is selling Lena in black (and honey) for $438 (down from $625). Does anyone know if the bag can be found for less anywhere else (excluding ebay)?

    Also, do you think NM will reduce the price even further if I wait long enough or is that very risky (or don't they reduce their sale prices)?

    Also, where are Kooba bags made?

    Thanks for reading!

  2. The Lena in honey pops up on ebay every now and then, a while since I've seen a black one, not quite sure about the price, think they can go for a bit less than $438...

    I've heard that Kooba is now made in China, which upsets some people..

  3. Thanks for the info maggie7.
  4. I bought the Kooba Lena at nordies today, for there women's half yearly sale and it was marked down to $319. I also got it alittle cheaper than that because I am a nordstrom employee. They had bark and a black one.
  5. Check revolveclothing.com. They did have some on sale but I'm not sure what colors or if the price was better than NM, but you do get free overnight shipping.
  6. Oh golly, can I ask which nordstrom?
  7. I will definitely check them out, thanks!
  8. Easton Town Center in Columbus ohio is where I got my Lena
  9. Thank you for the information. Sorry some more Qs from me if you'll bear with me. Is Lena roomy, is she heavy, where is she made?
  10. I have the Lena in black. It's a little heavy and not as roomy as I thought it would be. It was an impulse buy and I'm hoping one of my cousin's will buy it off me. I was debating between the Lena and Sloane but the latter made me look fat (if that makes sense) I'm actually surpised its on sale already but maybe its not selling well?
  11. I have the Lena in Bark, I got it around $320-ish from revolve with the first time buyers 30% off code (it was already on sale too!)

    I agree that there is less room inside than I expected, and I think thats because of the belts at the top, which have a slight 'drawstring' effect on the bag. Having said that there is still plenty of room for the essentials, plus some extra bits you may need to carry.

    Its an average weight for me, but I think thats because I compare everything to my heaviest ever bag, the IF chain reaction hobo, which was an anchor!

    I like its smart apperance and I use this bag alot.

    Its 'handcrafted in China', according to the inner label, but its a great quality bag! :yes:
  12. I really love the look of this bag, but weight is always an issue with me and at the moment I'm looking for a roomy bag, not an enormous bag but certainly spacious. Also the fact that it doesn't have a zip is also putting me off.

    I've been looking for a bag for many many months, and if I'm going to pay hundreds of dollars I'm going to look and look until I find the right one. I wish I could impulse buy then I wouldn't agonise so much!! LOL
  13. You bought the bag at a bargain price! It really is a good looking bag, it's so different. I'm going to be traveling soon with my two kids so I'm looking for a bag where I can put all of my children's and my junk w/o it being a tight squeeze.
  14. MN21... I also have two kids and I would never take my Lena travelling, because of the weight and limited space, and plus I would be annoyed if it got battered.

    When I go travelling the bag that goes with me is my brown Tano boogie bucket! Lots of space, great lightweight leather, a single strap that sits nicely on the shoulder, and it still looks good.

    Check it out..

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  15. You know I was looking at Tano bags a few weeks ago, and I thought I'd buy the Gerard but then I didn't. Anyway, after looking at Lena I then started to look at Marc by Marc Jacobs. I found one bag which was a gorgeous colour (leather satchel in bordeaux), but unfortunately it wasn't available until August! So then I found the Faridah style hobo and I ordered it last night in black.

    It's roomy and gorgeous (yes a bit expensive to travel with children but I wanted one really nice bag to take with me) and so I thought I'd take the plunge.

    Please don't hate me!! LOL

    This is the one I wanted in bordeaux:


    But this is the one I bought:


    I'm not sure if I should really be posting links to other designers, but I thought I'd let you all know.