Lemonade or Pink Blush

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  1. HELP! Totally can't choose between lemonade and pink blush for the Cameron Street Mini Candace. Am normally not a spring palette person, so there's nothing in my collection that resembles either colours. The pink is so girly and pretty while the yellow screams happiness.

    Does any of you have bags in either colour to share a photo of?

    Please help me decide :smile:
  2. My vote is for the lemonade but I only have the Maise key fob in that color so not too helpful.
  3. Any picts to compare the colors?
  4. So torn between the 2

    Attached Files:

  5. I like the pink one
  6. Lemonade!
  7. Lemonade!
  8. Pink!
  9. Lemon for summer!
  10. Lemonade! I've been eyeing the same bag but in blue, hopefully there'll be a sale or a coupon code soon so I can pick one up for my growing collection!
  11. pink! (: have u decided?