1. hey fellow mulberries can i have your opinion on the lemon shade that has just arrived in the outlets. i have a lemon on order from an outlet store having not yet seen in real life can anyone tell me if i am in for a treat it is the bays fully lined with feet and padlock/keys has anyone got this ? pics if so i would be grateful thankyou - i felt the need for a summer shade x:smile:
  2. Sounds lovely but I haven't seen any lemon bags in real life ! look forward to hearing what others have to say!
  3. I like lemon and yellow,it is a Summer colour,it's different,exciting and interesting. Look forward to hearing what you think when you get it.
  4. Do you know in another thread I said I would never carry a yellow bag but a little lemon ledbury is sounding divine!!!
  5. Creamy yellow sounds nice, like cake!! Buy one and show please!!
  6. My new Brooke is lemon! It's a very pale primrose shade, not too yellowy, and perfect for spring. I love it - can't wait for the weather to warm up so I can use it! I'll take a photo tomorrow in the daylight for you :smile:
  7. I have the lemon brooke too, its lovely! Love this shade, great for spring and summer!
  8. thankyou girls for your reasurance it was a chioce between lemon and celery i thought lemon would be a safer option i don't think celery is going to go with much-may be wrong i didn't want vanilla or nude they seem a bit plain (sorry to anyone who has these shades) just not my colour. i am however wondering about the coconut i have seen it in the phoebe tassel it is wonderful xx:angel:
  9. Do they have coconut bayswaters at the outlets then?
  10. Mmmmmm......coconut Bayswater *drools at the thought*
  11. No not the bays it's in the tassel phoebe in glove leather
  12. I think the lemon would be a pretty versatile colour for the summer, as from what Ive seen it is quite neutralish.
  13. yippee:happydance:
  14. Mmmm, lemon sound lovely and summery fresh! I have never seen this colour irl, I do look forward to see your pics when you get it! It will look wonderful together with white, cream or pale greens, perfect for the upcoming season!
  15. Here is a lemon Emmy:

    This is the official Mulberry pic - it's not an exact representation. I seem to remember the colour as being a bit of a custard shade. Really lovely.

    The celery is sort of a light lime green colour. The lemon is nicer, imo.