Lemming an RM Matinee in Eggplant...

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  1. I really want this but I have to be a good girl and clear insurance and credit card bills before I splurge on one! :drool:

  2. absolutely GORGEOUS!!! i totally understand the $$ issue, though...the only reason that i've been able to get a couple of new bags is because i've sold several on eBay...other than that, i am not in a position to buy new ones...
  3. I buy my bags very selectively and can't bear to part with any of them, so no eBaying for me!
  4. I am "lemming" a Matinee too... in a light summer color. funny because I thought the Matinee was so ugly when I first saw it!
  5. i love that bag! i've been in love with the matinee for a long time....do they ever go on sale??
  6. ^Some do. I havent seen the Dark gray go on sale anywhere, or the Wine, but other colors do go on sale, like glazed almond and espresso.
  7. FunkyLaLa has a few on sale, but not gray.