Leïla Menchari

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  3. RIP Leila. She had brought so much joy in her artistic endeavours for Hermes, allowing many people to dream of things that they have yet to achieve! A life well-lived!
  4. RIP Leila
    A woman with an extraordinary talent & vision that came to life in the windows of Hermes
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  5. RIP. Owe her a debt of gratitude for the amazing windows that lured me to enter the store for the very first time. It marked the start of my relationship at FSH. :flowers:
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  6. RIP
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    Le Jardin de Leila. Her garden in Tunisia became a scarf.

    719F6079-503C-461A-B491-EA55CE557FED.jpeg 29846669-DA5A-4092-80E5-BB7FBAF666E9.jpeg

  8. An amazing talent, so sad to her own family and the Hermes one worldwide.

    What a lovely thing to say:

    “Hermès wouldn’t be Hermès without Leïla,” Axel Dumas (from the article @Hermes Nuttynut posted from the N Y T

    RIP Leïla, your art will stay with us forever, thank you.

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  9. Although this is not on this week’s theme, here’s Regina by Leïla Menchari, who passed away on Saturday from the coronavirus. I’ve always thought this is one of the most beautiful, floral, feminine Hermes scarves.

  10. And beautiful CW at that!
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  11. I think so, too. My favorite way to wear it is with a white t-shirt and jeans/khakis.
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  12. Here you go!

    HS229.jpg HS225 (2).jpg
  13. Oh no! Here's her NY Times obit:

    I've always loved the Regina scarf long before I knew what a Hermes scarf was. :love: Yes quintessentially feminine, beautiful.
  14. We interrupt our regularly scheduled program to pay tribute to Leila Menchari...
    Here are my three CWs of Regina... The last is the Queen’s Golden Jubilee 2002 edition



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