Leighton or Small Leighton

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  1. Has anyone tried both the normal and small Leighton? Eyeing two in both sizes online and can't decide if one is too large and the other too small? Looking for all-round useful bag to be used mainly in the day and both for work (smart casual not too business-like) and casual. Any comments would be appreciated. Thanks!
  2. I have the normal Leighton and it is a workhorse of a bag! Style-wise I bought her for the same reasons you listed - I find the style to be wonderfully smart but also casual enough to not be too overwhelming with jeans or other more casual wear. Though I love her to bits and pieces, she is quite large for my everyday usage as I usually don't carry that much around. What do you usually need in your day-to-day?
  3. @jesymphony - thank you for your response. I've actually gone and bought a Bayswater tote in black instead. More of what I need - a work tote. Gorgeous shape, practical size (my work laptop fits), comfortable straps (over shoulders) and beautifully finished. Really, really pleased with it.
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