Leighton Meester & Adam Brody

  1. Okay, so I started a Blake Lively thread, and people were pointing out how striking and fabulous Leighton Meester is, so I thought I'd post a Leighton Meester thread too! If you have any pics, please contribute! She was actually dishwater blond before she took on the role of Blair on Gossip Girl; but she's sooooo striking with chestnut hair! I think she's gorgeous!
    leighton-meester-photo_266x400.jpg GG-CW-LM-01.jpg Leighton-Meester.jpg
  2. More pics!
    78039043.jpg 78039064.jpg b001.jpg leighton-meester-400ds0905.jpg
  3. she is such a beautiful actress and actually really really talented...love her!
  4. I think she's absolutely beautiful. I think Blake Lively is lovely, also, but given the choice I'd rather look like LM. Interestingly, my husband thinks BL is prettier. Sort of like I always thought Jacklyn Smith was the prettiest of Charlie's Angels, and he thought it was Cheryl Ladd.

    I think I like the cool, classic beauty and he prefers the warm, outgoing blond.
  5. Wow she looks like a totally different person as a blonde. I think she is a classic beauty with the dark hair like Liz Taylor was when she was younger. She is stunning. I also think Blake is cute but I don't find her beautiful. She is more unconventional type beauty.
  6. I LOVE HER!!!! she is soo beautiful and i love her character on the show.
  7. she is gorgeous!! i think she is the prettiest out of the 3..But Black lively and Taylor Momsen are beautiful as well.
  8. love the pix!! & love her on GG. very classic beauty.
  9. LOVE HER. She looks so different with the blonde hair. would have never thought it was her!
  10. I loooveeee her!!! I think she's soo gorgeous!
    Plus I'm such a fan of Blair Waldorf! :heart:
    I love the clothes she wears on the show too! I want to steal her closet!
  11. aww, i wish we had gossip girl here. everyone seems to love it. :sad:
  12. I think she's prettier than Blake. :tup:
  13. she is really pretty...i like her with the dark hair too!
  14. RoseMary, you can download it from iTunes!
  15. she is beautiful. I love her character as well on GG too!