Leigh or Mini Lily!

  1. I have the raisin Leigh, but now the mini Lily is really appealing to me. Does any one have both of them. I am wondering which is heavier and does one of them have a longer drop for going on the shoulder. I will be getting my ink top handle Thompson Legacy tomorrow. I bought it sight unseen, they didn't have it at my nearest Coach store 3 hours away. I can't wait to see it!!!!!!! TIA!
  2. I say go for the Lily.
  3. I like the reg. lily over the leigh but the leigh over the mini lily. The thing that sells me is the slouchyness of the reg. lily and that the strap goes all the way over...

    So leigh for me...
  4. I will have both of these soon! I just ordered the Leigh and it's due to be delivered on Thursday and I have the mini Lily on backorder!
  5. I have a Leigh and love it - one of my all-time favorite bags. I think I'm in the minority here, but I dont like either Lily - not quite sure why - I dont think I like the shape and theres too much going on w/all the hardware and stuff. So I vote for the Leigh.
  6. mini lily
  7. I also vote for the Leigh, the lily and mini lily does not do it for me at all.. but get what makes YOU happy! :tup:
  8. I say the Lily!
  9. I really like the lily and mini lily both, I love the hardware and the slouchy leather. Unfortunately I also love the Leigh. I have seen a couple of women carrying the Leigh and it is such a nice looking bag.
  10. Which one is lighter?
  11. i say go for the mini lilly and let me have your raisin leigh thats my dream bag :p