Leigh or Mandy

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  1. Ok, I'm torn...must have your help!! Should I get the Leigh or "ANOTHER" Mandy. I already have Mandy in Natural, but wanted her in black. I like the Leigh as well though, but can't have both at this time! Help me choose please.
  2. I may be biased because I own the Mandy in Natural & Black... but I say go with Mandy.

    I like the chain detail on the Leigh but I'm just not 'feeling' the angled pockets & flap closure.
  3. I don't like the older smaller style of turnlock on the Leigh. Also I hear the strap is really short. BUT it might be lighter then the Mady which would be good AND you'd have a new purse style to carry around for awhile since you said you already have a Mandy. ;)
  4. i have the mandy in natural also, so I'm biased, my vote goes to MANDY! The pockets on the leigh creep me out. It looks like something, but I can't name it. The face on a certain type of dog or a gremlin? Anyone else notice it looks like something?
  5. I prefer the Mandy styling...I don't really like the smaller turnlocks and the shorter drop length on the new bag..

    The Mandy is soooo gorgeous.. the other one is pretty but I really prefer the first one....

  6. Not to knock anyone who likes the looks of this bag, but since you asked...those two angled pockets remind me of the Amityville Horror House, you know, the top two windows? It creeps me out, too.

    Disclaimer: I own the Mandy in whiskey so I may be more than a little biased:yes:

    Edited to add: I see this mainly in the darker versions of the bag, colors I normally prefer, but not so much in the lovely citron color I saw someone post.
  7. :roflmfao:

    I really like the links on the strap, though.:rolleyes:
    I like the Leigh....but I've always been the unconventional one in a group.:blush:
  8. mandy, so gorgeous!
    I just got my khaki sig/black one and I'm already working on getting a black leather one

    love it
  9. I totally see that now! That's funny!

  10. Mandy! It is so gorgeous!
  11. You already have a Mandy so why don't you get the Leigh bag. It is lighter and very hip and retro looking. I do think that the Citron color is not for everyone, but I do think it will probably age and darken very well. I do love the Mandy but not in Natural. I really want it in brown so I am holding out for it in brown which I heard may be made for the late fall season. My SA will let me know when she returns from her Coach Seminar in the middle of July, so I will let you guys know what I hear.
    The Leigh bag can be carried on the shoulder just fine and if you wear the shoulder bag you can wear the Leigh. It also looks very nice carried as a satchel.
    Good luck deciding!
  12. I agree with Liz, however I do have 2 Mandys already and love them and love how it fits on the shoulder. I think the leigh has a very different unique look and would like to try it. I say go with your heart and if you can afford to order both then decide and return the other. At least you can get the PCE discount now.
  13. I am loving the Leigh! :love::yes:
  14. sorry, the strap on the leigh was just too short for me, returned it as soon as i got it. i vote for the mandy.
  15. If you already have the mandy get the leigh. Also it depends on which would be more functional for you and wheter or not you fill up your bags. It looks like the mandy is more structured and would look odd if it wasn't "full". The leigh, on the other hand, looks slouchier and would look fine if it was only half full.