leigh or carly???so confused i am.

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  1. as u all know i ordered the bleecker shopper now i need a casual everyday bag in black. Leigh or carly ? can't decide between the two. help me out :confused1:
  2. I have both and I would have to say that Carly is more the everyday type bag. It doesn't have the silk lining, so it's ok to just kind of throw things in like keys and such. With my Legacy bags, I'm always nervous that my keys will snag the lining!
  3. knuttybar which holds more stuff and also is leigh heavy to carry as an everyday bag.
  4. The Large Carly? Yes, that would be my vote. It is SO comfortable to carry on the shoulder and if I'm in a hurry I don't even feel the need to zip it. And I love the slouchy yet structured look. I carried the Leigh around Nordstrom the other day (BTW, do you know they are on sale at Nordstrom) and didn't like it at all. The strap was too short. The bulkiness of the Leigh pockets hit me wrong so I feel like my arms cannot rest comfortably by my side when I carry it.
  5. I got the Leigh first and thought it was way too heavy. So, I exchanged it for the medium leather Carly and love it! Also, the leather on the Leigh is vintage, so it has a used look to it. I thought it looked way to dull for work, and it doesn't come in signature for black. The leather on the Carly is sooooo soft and rich looking, it's perfect for work and casual!
  6. I have both the medium khaki/saddle Carly and the Chocolate signture Leigh. While I love the Carly, to me the Leigh is just drop-dead gorgeous. Heavier to carry, yes, but oh so worth it!
  7. I vote for the leigh-my experience with the large carly is that it holds a lot but everything sinks to the bottom and it does seem heavier and more obtrusive than the leigh. I loved the look of the carly on other people but on me the large was too bulky and the medium looked too small. also the leigh can be dressed up or down and look equally good with a dressy outfit or casual. summer 71, the leigh isn't a light purse but it's not prohibitively heavy , it actually felt more comfortable to me than the carly. It's also more accessible and easier to get in and out of. Just my opinion but hope this helps....
  8. I fell in love with the Leigh and bought it as an everday bag. I used it for two days and the metal chai lings dug into the peaint on teh side of the leather strap and it split open. The coach store of course said they woule exchange it for a new one but I then heard of another incident of this happening so I just got my money back. If you do decide to get one nordstroms has them on sale.
  9. I like the look of the Carly more... good luck with the decision! ;)
  10. It sucks to be caught between two beauitful bags.. I know how that feels.. :sad: (look @ my sig.. >o<)

    I'd have to go with the carly tho. ^^;
  11. oh, oh, hadn't heard about that problem before with the leigh-I'll have to keep an eye out for that. It's by far my favorite bag so hope mine is okay......
  12. If you already ordered the shopper, I would think the Carly would be a good casual everyday. The Leigh seems too similar to the shopper in regards to being more structured and a dressier looking bag. Carly says comfortable/casual to me. IMO...:tup: