Leigh in khaki/platinum sig and Gigi in teal???

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  1. I was just at the boutique today and asked my SA about the available colors for the LEIGH and GIGI (those of you who have seen some of my posts know that I am torn between these two at the moment).

    My SA came back with a list and mentioned two new colors that I was not aware of -
    LEIGH in the khaki/platinum signature and
    GIGI in teal (greenish/blue?? - she didn't say they were patent; this had the same item# as the leather Gigi)

    Has anyone heard of this from any of your SAs? My SA said that they are available for order. If so, have any of you seen these IRL? I'm curious about the Leigh in khaki/platinum. I happen to like metallics but not sure how this combination would work on the Leigh. I've seen some pictures somewhere around here of the Carly in khaki/platinum but this is the first I've heard of the Leigh.

    My SA also gave me a copy of the latest catalogue (with the legacy stripes on the cover) but I don't see either of these there. The only Gigi in the catalog was a patent version (#11965 which come in Putty and Turquoise). No pics of any Leighs.

  2. I looked thru the book today at the Coach store and I didn't see any pics of Leigh in platinum?!?
  3. Yes, I looked through the book, too.

    The manager said it was brand new and they haven't seen them yet, but apparently they can be ordered now.

    I'm tempted, but would like to see pictures. Not sure if these will turn up online or in a catalogue sometime. I'm curious though.
  4. I had posted pics of the platinum/khaki Carly before I returned it. IT is very silver and I didn't care for it with the khaki color.:tdown: