Leigh in Citron - SOLD OUT!

  1. I can't believe it! Of course my store will allow it to be ordered with PCE, so naturally it's SOLD OUT! :crybaby:

    I ended up ordering the shoulder in citron and the all leather Gigi in Clay. I also walked out of the store with the multi coin key fob which I'm wearing as a bracelet.

    Just thought I'd share.
  2. As a bracelet? I can't picture it. Could you share a pic?
    What's gigi?
  3. sure, here

    the first one is gigi, but I got it in the all leather.

    she's wearing the key fob in the second pic
    gigi.JPG Fall Coach 3.JPG
  4. I can't believe the citron is sold out already. I like the Gigi in all leather - can't wait to see it.
  5. I don't understand how the citron could be sold out! That's crazy. I'm sure they'll be producing more since it hasn't even come out yet.
  6. I have the Leigh in citron. I will post pictures tonight
    when I get home.
  7. Holy cow!! :wtf: It's sold out already!! That was quick...

    I can't wait to see what your GiGi looks like... I am interested in what the different styles look like in Clay... :tup:
  8. the gigi is gorgeous! i was thinking of getting that, but i really want the SLATE embossed wristlet and the plum ergo so i'm temporarily BANNING (aaah, the horrors) from anything until i can get the ergo.
  9. They only had limited stock in last week. You may be able to get it later.
  10. See, this is why I have issues with stores doing their "own thing" when it comes to Coach. On Sunday, when I inquired about ordering things (not even with PCE - I'm talkng at regular price) they said that they couldn't be ordered, but yet there are tons of threads on here about people able to order stuff so things get sold out quickly. :sos::huh:
  11. Yeah, I'm debating ordering it in another color with the PCE and exchange when my store gets it...
  12. Liz - I can't wait to see the pics! If you decide not to keep, remember me!
  13. Messengerbaglover:

    Even if I don't like the color I am just going to exchange it out to the Raisin when it is offered in Aug/September.
    I do love the bag though the chain is a bit short. I will try it on with a fitted coat and let you know. It most certainly won't go over a coat for a plus sized gal.

  14. I have it, but I think I'm going to exchange it for black. Citron is a beautiful color but I'm already nervous when I carry my Natural Mandy and Natural Legacy Satchel. I don't think I could handle another light color bag with $$ price tag. I'm always afraid I'll get something on it. However, it is a beautiful bag and color.
  15. hey tara, which coach store did you call? I spoke to the ones in overland park and they said I could order, but no on using the discount. ugh!

    ETA: please please post pics of the fob you bought. I want it, but would love to see it on someone.