Leigh Front Pockets Question

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  1. What would you use those two front pockets for? Me, I don't know, they don't fit an ipod or a cell phone. Gum maybe? Give your suggestions please for those of you who own a beautiful Leigh.

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  2. Keys, tissues, gum/mints, a smaller ipod, chapstick/lip balm?
  3. You could drop your keys in one of them (as long as you have a small enough set of keys) or other small items like lip stick, gum, some extra cash.
    Mine are empty. I was actually bummed that my cell doesn't fit, and I have a pretty small phone...a razr
  4. I have a tube of Kiehl's lip balm (closed VERY tightly!!) in one and a few receipts from recent purchases/bank transactions in the other. I wouldnt stuff too much in there - for me they are mostly for decoration.
  5. Those are good answers. The only thing that kind of concerns me is I can't get my fingers in there good to retrieve my small items unless I dump them out by turning the whole bag upside down. lol I think this thread will be short lived as there aren't many ideas of what to put in there.
  6. i haven't used mine yet, but that set in that pic is gorgeous!
  7. I agree. I am sticking to the huge part for my stuff. I actually feel like I should put more in it cuz it's so empty looking. :roflmfao:
  8. :drool: I love the color of the leigh. I don't put anything inside those small pocket...too small to fit my cell phone......my DH pointed that out! I have a feeling he does not like the leigh I got but just saying he does to make me happy !

  9. I am not sure my DH loves mine either. I put it on and said, now isn't this one of the sexiest purses you've seen? She just stares back into your heart and makes it flutter. He looked at me like I am nuts and said, uh, sure honey. :heart::yes:
  10. Thank you, that raisin set is mine, I got it last night at the outlets and I'm very excited about them. I think I'll put my little mirror, my chapstick and maybe a little pillbox with aspirin in those pockets and not use the inner zip pocket at all. This leigh is more roomy than I thought, it holds a lot!
  11. Why are you not using the inner zip? I put stuff in mine. Do you think it's going to stress out the lining?
  12. wow congrats! I've only seen it in whiskey at the outlets(have a black one on a charge hold that I will get next week). I'd love to get raisin or juniper. I got the citron on ebay and it is tdf. I also want a signature one. I am in love with this bag. I never gave it a second look because I thought the drop would be too short. Then I found one at the outlet and tried it and it was perfect. Congrats on your beautiful set!!!!
  13. Thank you! Like you, I didn't think the Leigh was for me at all at first. It grew on me after seeing so many luscious pictures of it here on tPF and seeing it at the outlets again. I thought the drop wasn't long enough but I truly like the way it tucks neatly under my arm, it feels very secure there. If you live anywhere near Primm, NV, they have LOTS of the raisin ones and other colors but not citron. I think not black, either. They have a rare blue suede leigh with C's all over it embossed but it cost too much. I don't like suede so I wasn't tempted at all by it.

  14. I dont know what signature color you are interested in, but I have it in the chocolate signature and let me tell you it is TDF! The background of the fabric is black, and with the brown C's they almost take on a shimmering effect. The Legacy chocolate signature is just gorgeous - just my .2!!!
  15. ^^Oh yea, I didn't see any signature Leighs at any of my outlets here.