Leigh Convertible Shoulder Bag


May 7, 2010
Last year I picked up the Leigh Convertible in sapphire from an online retailed for about $170. Love the bag, but it didn't seem to be around anymore this year. I was on ebay and happened to find it in Claret. So for about $160 it was mine! It was obviously an outlet bag, but the only difference (besides the interior leather bits and the lining) was the Michael Kors lettering at the bottom of the bag was replaced with a small nameplate. The outlet Leigh does have softer pebbled leather.

Now, the interesting part. Last Years Boutique Leigh listed at $348.
This years outlet Leigh listed at $428.

Is this part of some sort of business model for the outlet?


Sep 16, 2008
my house
I never buy at the outlet because their prices are same MSRP as stores but no sales like I can get at department stores so what's the point?!