Leigh bag coming in bottle Green in November!

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  1. I was in my Coach boutique today and there is a little brown pamphlet which my SA showed me with some new Fall product. They had a Leigh all leather bag in bottle green - I believe that they are calling it juniper. They also had a picture of the Leigh bag in raisin. The Raisin Leigh bag will be available in September and the green will be available in November. I am getting the green in this one. It is TDF. The raisin color is like the magenta stripe in the Legacy Stripe pattern and the green is like the bottle green in the Legacy stripe shown in the scarf on page 47 of the brand new catalog.:tup:
  2. Ohhhhhh! Sounds lovely!:drool: So many new bags and colors to choose from.....hmmm, how to hide bag treasures from DH:shame:
  3. I saw pictures of those colors and they are wonderful. I got to hold a Leigh bag today in gardenia and also the khaki sig/ebony and that bag is sharp and the leather is to die for and I just loved the gardenia....it was so soft and smooth.
  4. I've said it before and I'll say it again....Why oh Why can't I be rich????????????????? I could get a new bag once a week!!!
    The green sounds amazing!!!
  5. I can't wait to see this color IRL!!!!
  6. i wan the juniper! i saw it yesterday and it is tdf. so rich in color
  7. The raisin sounds yummy :drool: Can't wait to see it.
  8. Thanks LizCordova! The raisin color sounds interesting, but is it really a like a bright hot pink magenta? I was hoping for a plum color!
  9. JUNIPER! That was it I was trying to remember what it was called in my thread. Rasin was so much easier to remember since most of the colors aren't also food. LOL.
  10. Sounds adorable yeahhh can't wait!
  11. I saw the little red book with most of the late summer/fall releases. The Juniper looked beautiful!
  12. Bearonica when I looked in the brown book the raisin is like the magenta stripe in the Legacy stripe. We will need to wait and see it in person. Sometimes things photograph differently than what they appear like in real life.
  13. i saw this little brown book as well, the raisin is like the magenta stripe in the legacy ponytail scarf. i too was hoping for a deep purplish color, but it looks like the ergo will be in plum, so that may be it for me. that green is certainly TDF, i just am not loving the leigh bag. the pockets are not functional, and that strap is just too short. i cannot wait to see these colors IRL.
  14. oooooooo...... want raisin. I hate raisins, but I think I'll love this!!! :love: