Lei Selleria Bag

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  1. Here are some pics!! I’m really loving the soft slouchy look. I also ordered the white whipstitch lei from Fashionphile. Which one would be better do you think? The toffee or white whipstitch? I’m really obsessing over this bag right now and I want it in all the colors. With matching bag bugs too. :panic: The white whipstitch will arrive next Tuesday. I can post some comparison shots then.

    Oh, here is a pic comparing the toffee lei to a speedy b25. Are they too similar? Should I sell the speedy?

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    Omg it’s gorgeous! Wow, I really love this color :love: Looks fantastic on you too!

    I also get that you want every color—I wound up getting a gray one too. After seeing yours I kinda feel like I need the toffee also :hbeat: As to your upcoming white whipstitch, would have to see it in person, but generally I stay away from white as I’m always fearing color transfer. I also prefer the plain one to the whipstitch, but that’s just me. Are you satisfied with the condition of the one from Yoogi’s? Was it “like new” as listed? If so, congrats on scoring her because you really got a great price!

    I would hold on to miss speedy b, at least for now. I think they’re different enough that you’ll find uses for both, though miss lei is really special (in part because it was produced in such limited numbers). If, after a while, you find you don’t reach for one of them, you’ll know what to do.

    Can't wait to see the white whipstitch!
  3. I love how your Lei bag slouches! I wouldn't get rid of the Speedy unless you won't be using it much anymore, or if you don't like it.
  4. Thanks for your input! I will hold on to the speedy for now. The white whipstitch came today, and I noticed some things I wanted to share.

    Well first, the white one is much newer condition. (It was listed as New). It still has the protective sticker on the zipper pulls. I’ve closely examined the toffee from Yoogis and to be honest, I’m disappointed in its “Like New” listing. I’ve found some cracks in the glazing, under the zipper. The glazing seems fairly worn in general. And the bag is pretty soft, compared to the white. In my opinion the toffee should have been listed as Gently Used. Purely based on the cracked glazing.

    Now the other thing I noticed was the white one has some reinforced stitching on the side panels, under the zipper and also on the opposite. I wonder since the toffee is 2016, and the white is 2018 (I think) the reinforced stitching was added in the later models. Pics attached. My thumb is pointing to the reinforced stitching on the white lei....and you can also see it is reinforced on the other side too, compared to the toffee where there is no reinforcement. I hope this is making sense.

    Anyway. I really really love the toffee color but I’m just a little uncomfortable about the condition. The disadvantage of the white is color transfer, as you mentioned, and also, it is heavier because of all the metal grommets. But I really love this style and I want to keep one. Tonight I’m leaning towards keeping the white but I may change my mind tomorrow. Thank you for letting me share! And @lesAdrets, the grey is beautiful too! I would totally get the grey if I didn’t already have a grey mini peekaboo!

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  5. It’s not really white.....it’s more like cream. The whipstitch and the strap is like a light grey. And the underside of the strap, sides, and inside lining are olive. Pretty cool looking actually.
  6. Ooo the white one is super pretty too—does indeed look and sound cool with the colors!

    I just checked my bags and neither of them have the reinforced stitching you’ve pointed out; their construction is like your toffee. (Per their authenticity cards, the red one is 2016, the gray is 2017.) Just a guess but maybe the white one is reinforced because of the embellishments—the grommets and whipstitching. It is heavier, as you noted. Though could be a newer thing as you mentioned.

    Sorry you’re a little disappointed about the toffee not quite meeting "like new" condition. Still a lovely bag :smile:
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  7. If you only keep one of them, then return the toffee one because you are not as satisfied with the condition.

    I don't think those resin issues are great. They're hard to see, and you have to lift up the zipper extension to see the cracks. If you got a great price on it, and can keep both, then maybe keep both of them!
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  8. Thank you for your input! I have gone round and round about which one to keep. As soon as I decide, I pull out the other one to get ready to send back, and I just feel like I can't let it go. The toffee is really my first love (well, actually, the dusty pink was - but I can't find that anywhere other than at retail price, which is too much). But I really do love the toffee color. While the condition isn't as great as I expected, the issues are fairly minor, as averagejoe noted. I will use this toffee bag pretty carelessly. In fact, I will take it with me on our upcoming trip!

    I'll have to think more on the white bag, but it's so nice and so new....that I want to keep it too. So I think I will probably end up keeping both. :shocked::biggrin:
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  9. So happy you’re keeping the toffee and taking her on your trip (though I hope you decide to keep both haha)! It’s insane how much I love this bag—not only one of the most functional I’ve ever had, but I love looking at them so much! (My husband said he notices quite a few people checking the bag out when we’re out and about!) Oh how I wish Fendi would keep making these and launching new colors. Feel free to post pics of miss toffee enjoying her trip, if you’re so inclined; I won’t be able to get away for a while but can’t wait to travel with one of these.
  10. After weeks of debating whether I should get this bag or not (and making sure it's authentic -- thank you Accio!), I finally got my Lei Selleria in Gray :love:

    I got it at a pretty good price (around half of its retail price) and I'm very happy it appears the first owner took good care of the bag

    Out of curiosity, is it recommended to have the Selleria leather reglazed/treated at handbag spas?

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  11. Congratulations! The condition looks fine to me in the pictures. Unless something is amiss, I wouldn't get the bag re-glazed or treated because it can change the finish of the leather, especially if done improperly and not by Fendi.