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  1. So, I’m a klutz and a twelve year old boy in a middle aged woman’s body and my legs have suffered for it.

    They are dry and marked, the skin is sallow and I have scaring and bruising from recent bug bites and generally make me look like a five year old.

    I was admiring my friend’s legs yesterday. Glowy and beautiful without a mark. I know I can’t undo years of damage but, is there anything I can do to clean them up a bit? I don’t tend to use creams and the like but, if there is a miracle one I will try!

    Thank you!
  2. :biggrin: I remember my mother once telling me that when I grew up I’d be still having scabbed knees - I was always a tomboy! Im not shimmying up trees any longer but regular moisturising really makes a difference to my legs and feet. If I’ve neglected the poor things over winter whilst they’ve been hidden under jeans or opaques, I can see they need help and go back to moisturising after every shower or bath. Give it a try for a few weeks and I’m sure you’ll see a big improvement.
  3. Lol, mine said EXACTLY the same thing! I still chase my nephews up trees. So that’s part of the problem.

    Okay. Moisturizer. I’ll try. Any particular brands that are genius?
  4. No miracles, sadly, but something like Amlactin that has lactic acid in it will help with the scarring and is really useful in the winter, though it kind of stinks (to me anyways). 1-2 minutes of dry brushing the skin before showering will help with exfoliation and circulation year round and make your skin weirdly smooth over time.

    During the summer I just use a few drops of oil after i get out of the shower -- I'm currently using Bio-Oil -- and then it dries down in a few minutes without feeling gross and is great for your nails and elbows too. You don't need to use very much, a few drops will cover both legs but using more will make them oily. I had been using it on stretch marks but then started using it as my primary moisturizer.

    Otherwise, sunless tanners can hide a multitude of sins if your legs will be on display, but they can stain if you're not careful. I like the one by Alba Botanica, though there are tons of options out there.
  5. I’m in the UK, I find Garnier dry skin body lotions and E40 moisturisers really good for my skin. I don’t know if you have those? Not sure it matters too much, I think it’s just keeping at it on a daily basis that really does the trick ;)
  6. I will look! Thank you both for the suggestions.
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  7. I get great results with Cetaphil moisturizing cream.
  8. I changed up my lotion routine about 2 years ago and it has been a miracle for my dry/scaly skin. Every day when I am done with my shower before I reach for the towel I put Cerave lotion all over my wet skin (not my face of course) . I do not wipe it off and just allow it to dry while I put on my makeup and do my hair. I use the Cerave moisturizing cream that comes in the tub and am very generous with the application. Been a huge game changer for me and I use it year round.
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  9. Exfoliate a couple days/week and moisturize every single day.
    I use CeraVe EVERY morning and night, and on days when I didn't exfoliate I use AMlactin lotion. Once your skin is hydrated and looks a bit clearer you could use a slow self tanner like Jergens every other day. Slow is good for those who aren't super savvy with self tanners and don't want the upkeep.
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  10. Twice a day?? Argh. I don’t have the time for this. Okay. I’m going to get some of these creams to try, thanks all. I have ordered a couple Italian towels for physical exfoliation and I also have a salt lemon exfoliate to try as well.

    I also read a post somewhere else that said Lactic acid is good. I have some from The Ordinary so, rather than buying another cream with it in it, I’m just going to add some to the creams recommended here.
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  11. It literally takes 1-2 mins in the morning and again at night to rub lotion quickly on your legs, it's the most important in my experience.
  12. How’s it going? :smile:
  13. Thanks for checking in! I’m using CereVe each morning and Brazilian Bum cream (because I had it) each night. I was adding Lactic Acid for a while but it really made me peely so I stopped.

    My skin doesn’t seem to generate much oil and I don’t SEE a huge difference. But my husband commented on my skin being soft yesterday so it much be working.

    But I am super cranky about it lol.
  14. Hehehe :biggrin: well something’s happening, he’s noticed! The super cranky comment cracked me up :lol:
    I’ve noticed my skin’s got much drier as I get older, I moisturise much more than I used to. If I didn’t I think I’d literally crack up ;)
  15. Don't use the lactic acid daily at first, I only use it 2x/week, it's exfoliating. I exfoliate with a scrub in the shower once a week as well.
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