legs and thighs!

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  1. i need to know some tips to slim my legs and thighs. Are you doing any such exercise?
  2. No but I really need to!!! I am a typical pear shape and hate the fact I have a bigger bottom half than top. Im considering getting a personal trainer so I can do it properly, if you have the money perhaps its something you could consider once a week and then discuss exercises to do the rest of the days?
  3. IMHO the BEST for your legs is get a great pair of trainers -for me are the nike free- and WALK, walk a lot! walk whenever you can! walk-walk, constant speed -no window shopping-, more than 30 min a day and you will see the difference...
    HTH! :flowers:
  4. Have you tried pilates?

  5. Running shapes legs better than anything else I've seen.
  6. I do the ellipitical because I can't run because of another medical issue but my thighs and legs have gotten WAY smaller from doing that and they weren't that big to start with. I do the interval training on the machine and so that way I'm on a really high resistance part of the time which is what I think does it.
  7. Do you mean tone them up or lose fat?
  8. What is your fitness level ATM?

    I always have to work on my legs and these things really work for me:

    - hill sprints
    - hiking or walking over hilly terrain
    - interval training barefoot on the beach
    - lunges and squats - various styles of each and lots of them!!
    - power vinyasa yoga
    - attention to diet
  9. I run at least 2 1/2 to 4 miles everyday depending on my schedule.

    Running and walking is great for your entire body legs, waist and arms.

    If you do any type of cardio exercises, you will burn body fat. Also, dancing is good too.
  10. I've recently started using the ellipitical at the gym, I've read that it's great for slimming and toning legs and thighs.
  11. Running does wonders, I run everyday, sometimes up to 10 miles and i am always complimented on how toned and slim my legs are. Elliptical is good too, especially if you have knee problems and can't run.
  12. running, swimming gives me slender legs. stopped running because my knee caps go clicky sometimes

    pilates on the other hand really bulked them up so i stopped. i realised that although i toned up, the space between the top of the thighs filled up.
  13. I agree, running and walking slims the legs
  14. yeah you are right... i never thought about elliptical :o thanks for bringing that to mind.
    and i never get time to go out for running. I guess i must buy this machine sooon :0 Thanks again :smile:
  15. ^I'm confused as to why you wouldn't have the time to run, but you would have the time for an elliptical? Wouldn't you have the same amount of time no matter what the exercise?
    Anyway, yes, elliptical is easier on the joints and lots of people prefer it over running.