Legoland, California

  1. We are going this summer. Has anyone been? Any tips? TIA!
  2. I've been! How old are your kid{s}?
  3. Hi there, it depends on how old your kids are and whether they're into Lego. We got the yearly pass for Christmas and we only went once... It was so boring. DD was too small for the couple of rides they have and my then 11 yr old hated it.

    But my little brother was huge into Lego when he was little and he loved it.
  4. My daughter is 10 and son is 8. Neither is really into Legos, but both enjoy amusement park rides. They are looking forward to the water park there. I'm worried it will be too cold for them, as we are used to temperatures over 100 degrees in summer. Lol. We are planning to stay at the newish Legoland hotel. Has anyone stayed there?
  5. I've heard the same thing from a family with 8 and 10 yr old boys, wasn't that great, kid of boring.
    My nieces went they were 2 and 4 but were too young for most of the rides, I was told the park was so-so..

    Yelp has some reviews up..
  6. We didn't stay there as it was a day trip. I wouldn't think you would want to go more than once. It's not like Disney.
    If your kids aren't into the BIG rides {thrill, roller coaster, etc. . . } then I think a day here will be fun for them. Mine were 6 and 8 when we went and they liked it fine.
  7. Thanks, everyone!
  8. Where is it? My 7 year-old grandson has been into Legos for a few years and shows no sign of slowing down. A Lego giftcard is always a hit present for him.

    Years ago I heard there was one in Denmark, I think.
  9. The one we are visiting is in Carlsbad, California.
  10. i was planning on going in april 2014, my girls will be 4 and 6, they have some lego, not huge into it, but i thought the rides were appropriate for this age??? they love theme parks and rides
  11. My kids were 8 & 9.5 when we went and it was fun for the day. The water play area wasn't great for them though. Better suited for younger kids and the water was super chlorinated and seemed icky.

    They loved the rides though. We all loved the Lego creations. Both of my kids were skittish about amusement park rides and Legoland was a good stepping stone.
  12. Yes, I've heard the rides are good for the younger ones.
  13. Glad to hear your kids liked it. Thanks!
  14. For the 4 and 6 year old, it's perfect.

    There are some rides for the 8 and 10 year olds - it might be one of those "been there once but don't need to go back" places. I went with my son who was 4 and a couple of 10 yo twins. Everyone had a good time.

    The best food is the BBQ place at the top of the park and near it, is this WONDERFUL Apple Fries stand! The BBQ was surprisingly good - I am used to Disneyland's horrid food so this was wonderful surprise.

    I do like that the lines were far shorter than at Disneyland and parking was much easier.

    Carlsbad is a little ways from La Jolla but if you want nice seafood, Eddie V's was excellent with an amazing view.
  15. I just went with my 8 year old daughter. The weather was not too hot for the end of June and beginning of July. We went to Legoland and the rides were good for her. The rides aren't too scary and go pretty fast. The lines move quickly and the park is geared for young children and their families. We didn't do any water rides because it was too cold and the water rides don't look appalling.

    We stayed in Legoland Hotel. It is new and was really nice. It has a great pool and nightly movies by the pool. The room was nice and has a separate bunk bed area for children with their own tv and the adults have their own tv. It was very family orientated. Customer service was great too!