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  1. Hi,

    Please would anyone advise if they know if the below listed sites are ok? I am about to purchase either a Prada or Gucci bag & want really want peace of mind! I would use Eluxury & other online shops as they are rated by this forum as legit but they are in the US & they don't ship to the UK!

    modabrand dot com
    koodos dot com
    eluso dot com

    Thanks for your help!
  2. anyone noes on the authenticity for the bags in the websites above pls?
  3. I'm not an expert but none of those look legitimate. It is just too cheap to be authentic. Anyone who is an expert??
  4. I'm pretty sure they are all fake. You can't get those bags for those prices.
    Stay far away!
  5. Bluefly.com is legit
  6. I do not think bluefly ships to the U.K. though. I heard that rumor when I was in a Bluefly thread. Maybe do a search to be sure, but I don't think they ship to the UK

    Good Luck!