Legit websites & Authentic handbags...Yes or No??

  1. I have a hard time to determine if some of the websites are legit or not... I am really looking hard to find a decent Gucci brown/ beige Bardot or Hobo handbag, but I am having a hard time to trust websites these days..
    I have recently discovered this website... VOGUELAND. Chloe, Gucci, Balenciaga, Chanel, designer handbags
    I was looking at a few of the Gucci 85th Anniversary handbags. I really want to purchase these bags but at the same time scared... I looked at the contact information and didn't see a phone number listed or City and State. I find that odd for a business... If they are concerned with overhead, they need to at least get customer service representative on the phone.. Can you guys help me verify if this is a legit website that I can trust to purchase handbags from. I really appreciate it guys!!
  2. Purse Forum girls leave no stone unturned in the quest for bags so if this were a legit site we would have been all over it.

    Refer to a member's FAKE bag experience here
    (try a board search):


    JEWELS wrote:
    Hello everyone[​IMG] I am a self proclaimed BALENCIAGA ADDICT! Living in rural Tennessee makes "hands-on" shopping impossible, but I have been completely ripped off and felt it my duty to let you all know about this FAKE BALENCIAGA WEBSITE, "voguelander or vogueland.com"

    THANK GOD I paid through paypay, (they offer HUGE discounts if you pay with moneygrams) and eventually did get a full refund for a TERRIBLE fake handbag (I didn't even take it out of the box, one glance in and I felt sick!)

    I returned item certified and they refused delivery, after sending my tracking info. to paypal, got refund.

    LESSON: YOU WILL NEVER GET A BB FOR $500; lesson learned, will go authorized retailer only OR do THOROUGH research on EBAY!!!!

  3. Oh wow... Thank you so much KitsKats!! I will take your advice and do a board search!! I am a newbie!! I had bad experience from the website .. efashionstore.com as well ... booo!
  4. Please stop posting links to fake bags.
    We get the point w/o the link, the name alone is fine.
  5. Taco.. please advise me otherwise... how else do you suggust I talk about the website? What is wrong w/ me listing the link anyways?
  6. ...that came across as kind of rude...
  7. There are plenty of spammers posting links to sites that sell fakes, for a member to post links to fake sites isn't in the best taste. What is wrong with just typing the name of the site w/o the link.
    I just requested that she not link to a fake site, I believe that request has been made by others on the forum in other threads about bad websites as well, I did not criticise or insult the OP in any way.
  8. taco,
    it wasn't so much what you it was the way it was written it seemed rude t me also
  9. It is distasteful to post links to fraudulent websites if the person is actually promoting the site. There is nothng wrong with posting a link to a fake bag, if they are stating that the bag and the site it came from is a fake. If what she did wasn't "in the best taste," we wouldn't have such topics as the "Funniest/Worst Fakes Ever," where all they do is list websites...
  10. :yes: well said
  11. Just to stick up for Taco a bit, she has a point. I don't think she meant anything mean by it and I hope that no one attacks her for that. I think if you want to know if a site is legit, it's ok to post the link, but not keep posting it over and over again. I'm not saying anyone is doing that in this thread, but in general. Most of these sites have been talked about before so it's always nice to do a search before asking.:yes:

    Now for authentic bags, I do not recommend searching yahoo and google for gucci bags or balenciaga. It's a worthless search for the most part. Here are some of the websites that are highly recommended.

    aloha rag online select shop sells, martin margiela, balenciaga, botkier, bernhard willhelm, rogan
    Designer Fashion - NET-A-PORTER.COM
    luisaviaroma.com ::: home page :::
    Neiman Marcus Online
    Forwarding Entry.jsp

    There are others, but those are the main ones. I know that Shirise and Elizabeth Thomas (I think that's the name of the store) also sell bags and sometimes have really great sales. Also ebay is a pain, but you can find some great deals there. Just use the Authenticate This thread in the forum of the bag your looking at or Handbags and Purses if there is no forum for it.
  12. I didn't know about Net-A-Porter.com until recently, and it's one of my favorites now.
  13. Thanks for all of the feedback ladies.. Like I said in the previous threads.. I am a newbie in this forum... Therefore I wasn't aware of searching the forum for topics... As for the posting the links.. I was not posting the same links multiple times w/ out a reason.. I am not trying to spam in any way.. Why would I want to promote and market replica handbags? Anyhow I was offended by the comment that Taco left.... It's all good now, it was all miscommunicated somehow...
  14. i think it was just miscomunnication..

    i know where taco is coming from. weve had a lot of newbies come and do this and its an indirect way to post the site, and usually the mods come and delete the lnk to the site as we do not promote or regard coutnerfiet sites..so it wasnt a direct target at you.