Legit Seller?

  1. Hi -

    I just posted this earlier today in the ebay forum, but only one person has responded; so, sorry for the duplication if you've read this. ;)

    Now that I've almost been dooped, I'm on the lookout. Does this seller appear to have truly authentic goods? I've actually already purchased an IF bag from her before, and it seems good, but I can't ever tell. So, would you mind checking her out and letting me know.

    Thanks! If you can't link, the seller is hautechick1

    eBay Seller: hautechick1: Women's Accessories, Handbags, Clothing, Shoes Accessories items on eBay.com
  2. looks like she sells mostly isabella fiore and kooba bags.... there's gotta be somebody around here that knows these bags well.
  3. Her bags are good. I've never bought from her but I've considered it. You aren't going to find Fake Jillians so soon and all of her stuff looks on the up and up. Good feedback. If she had what I wanted I would definitely take the chance on her.
  4. i agree. the leather variations on the kooba's looking auth. I also saw the positive feedback. I think she is a good seller