Legit Seller - Pink B-Bag on eBay

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  1. Oh.. I am so tempted..!!!! Love the color.. SHUCKS. What do I do now?!! Thanks CeeJay for posting this up!
  2. I saw this one a couple of days ago. I am seriously lusting after a medium city :love: But I think I want it in a rouge/red color.
  3. Well, Christina .. if I ever decide to part with my Rouge Medium City, I'll let you know!
  4. are they really coming out with one in the fall of this year? rouge?
  5. Just wanted to say that thanks to you, Ceejay, I am now the proud owner of this bag!!! hehe I can't wait to get it-- SO EXCITED!!!
  6. Please do! :biggrin:

    Congrats, kattiepie!
  7. Congrats kattiepie!! CeeJay is THE best when it comes to providing the best authentic b-bag links from ebay. I got my b-bag from ebay thanks to her too.
  8. You are VERY welcome!!!! Welcome to the B-Bag "FANATICS" Club (... now your hooked ;) :lol: !!!)