Legit Ebay Tokidoki Seller?

  1. Hi - I am wondering whether anyone has bought bags from oshunusa on eBay?
    Their prices look good compared to the others, which is why all their bags are gone in 60 seconds (or less hahaa when I reload). But I am just wondering whether there were any problems? Not only him/her, maybe others that are reasonable and legit sellers are good suggestions too...

    I apologize if this thread has appeared before or whether this is appropriate to discuss here - I couldn't seem to find one when I did a search so I thought I would post it here.

  2. I've purchased from them before, they are definitely reputable sellers.
  3. Yeah I've bought from them before too. Thier stuff sells quick because It's usually priced below retail, so you don't see too much of them on eBay unless you check it a lot. They also have really fast shipping too
  4. Hehe, I just bought a Vacanze Avventura from them.:graucho: I wasn't even going to get an Avventura because I thought it'd be too big (even canceled my pre-order with Pulse) and then I saw it on eBay for $20 under retail and between both sides, most of the entire print is there. And I thought, "what a great Xmas shopping bag when I am out doing my shopping!" And I travel during the holidays every year, so after all that consideration, I finally justified it to myself.

    I'm just completely :nuts: about this print. I adore Xmas and this just makes me think happy thoughts.:love::love::love:
  5. ^^ heehee. I just got the other one!
  6. It's like Xmas in October!:lol:

    I just noticed they ship UPS ground, so even if they ship Monday, it's going to take a freaking week to get to me in Ohio. Ah well. It was worth it for the savings and print placement.:rolleyes:
  7. Lol! I was watching the stuff being put as well! I noticed a few items when fast!
    Although nothing really caught my eye that I just had to have.
  8. I would have bought a tutti zucca from them if they'd be more accomodating to Canadians. :yucky:
  9. Are their bags authentic?
  10. Yes the bags are authentic. They are a brick-and-mortar store as well as eBay sellers.