Legit Ebay sellers for Prada

  1. Hi, this is my first post in this forum. I was wondering if anyone can point me in the right direction to any legit eBay sellers that sell Prada? I am looking for a nylon tote. Thanks!!! :smile:
  2. quirky-princess has some nylon Prada bags. She sells the real deal. So does ariail54 (Coco's Closet), but her stuff tends to be leather, higher end Prada, etc. There's also rjconnect, but their shipping charges are OBSCENE!
  3. ^^^Oh yeah, Clarsanna sells the real deal too.
  4. Thank you Prada Psycho!!! I am going to check them out after I get back from the gym! :biggrin:
  5. BTW it is POURING here today- perfect day for Prada nylon!!! :yes:
  6. You're welcome, callalillyanne. It's pouring in NC today, too. Pity I carried my new CHANEL today. :hysteric:

    Wait! I just found a plastic grocery bag in my desk. I'll stuff her in that when I leave. Tacky, but effective.:greengrin:
  7. ^Hey...You should be happy with just RAIN..LOL..We are having the ice storm from HE*L....UGH....NASTY HERE!
  8. Plastic grocery bag works! :yes: Especially when it comes to a Chanel!

    We are due for SNOW tonight so it looks like I better get something more weather-friendly FAST! I am such a baby about carrying my leather bags in the rain :p
  9. Hi Anne:

    If you have the patience and time, keep checking the sale & values on NM website. I saw a few Prada Nylons come up which I posted.
  10. Thanks everyone for the recommendations!
  11. Thank you lhasalover! I have seen a few of those great deals on the NM website , but I have been too slow as of late! :push: But I will definitely keep trying! ;)