Legit ebay seller or not?

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  1. I can't really say, I did buy a few times from a person from Hong Kong and every item I've bought was an authentic one, but I'm still trying to avoid sellers from Asian countries.
    The items look good, so the feedback, I think she/he is a re-seller. The Blue Bolide she or he(whoever that it) is selling is a Web II and not a Bolide.
  2. lvauthentic has the thumbs up from people here at tpf...you can ask jon and the other LV experts at the ATC thread for LV

    she had this gorgeous chloe blanc bag that i wanted but the reserve was waaayyy to high

    i think she's ok....hong kong has the cheapest LV's due to them being tax free
  3. Hi, It's a he and he only sells authentic. I have bought a number of bags from him with no hassle and he is very approachable.
  4. If you're concerned I'd definitely ask the LV forum. Those ladies are on it! :smile:
  5. Sorry, it is a Bolide. My mistake.
  6. I think he's authentic, and he may be listed on www.mypoupette.com as an authorized seller. That said, I would NEVER buy from anyone outside of the US., Canada or the U.K. You will not qualify for Paypal Buyer Protection. Call Paypal directly for more information.
  7. He's authentic but tends to have high prices. There are a few resellers based in Hong Kong for some reason and there are a lot of genuine designer bag owners in Hong Kong.