Legislation for where we import fur?

  1. First of all, just a disclaimer. I don't have a problem with fur. As I've said ad infinitium here, if an animal is going to end up a fur coat, that's no reason it can't live and die in a decent, humane manner.

    Is there an organization that is trying to get the politicians involved in where we import fur? I imagine countries like China (and I am Chinese) do not treat their animals humanely before killing them. Or trappers in certain countries, etc.

    Or perhaps an organization that's trying to get the cruel traps banned in favor of better ones. I don't know.

    I know we can't beat human vanity. Humans want what they want, no matter who or what suffers from it, as we all know from history. Is there a way to make fur more ethical?\

    I wish some Warren Buffet or Bill Gates figure would come along and set up a well thought-out fund employed by educated people who can help solve the problem of how we treat animals. It seems like the organizations out there just don't have the kind of brainpower, will-power or funding behind them to make significant and drastic changes. PETA alienates and divides animal lovers, I don't feel the ASPCA does enough, I just want to find a really legitimate group to support.