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  1. what do u guys think of the return of leggings?
  2. umm i dont know about them .........
  3. A few celebs (Sienna Miller, Lindsay Lohan, etc.) break out the '80s style leggings and everyone jumps on the bandwagon. I think dance/aerobics leggings are stupid worn outside of the gym. However, I do love colored tights--especially worn with a contrasting colored pump. I wear fine fishnets with boots and peep-toed pumps. But those are hideous. Way too faddish for my style.
  4. I don't quite understand why everyone is so anti-legging (esp the girls at www.gofugyourself.com). They are cute, and they keep you warm and they are so versatile.

    Now if we started to wear legwarmers again, that is where I would draw the line.
  5. Because some of us remember them from the '80's.
    They look really fresh and hip on the stick thin celebs that wear them with a long dress type thing. However, as I'm sure you've noticed, most of America is rather pudgey. Imagine all those women wearing them with a short, tight top; and believe me, they did. Add a side pony tail and it's not a pretty sight at all.
    Trust me, you don't want this look to come back. :cry:
  6. i think i'm going to get me a pair - my favorite skirt is a right-above-the-knee medium-color denim skirt and i wear it all the time but it's so hard to in the winter! this seems perfect for that, however. i've also got several pair of crochet and fishnet tights in fun colors that i like to wear with a skirt and a pair of slouchy knee-high tan suede boots i have.
  7. I know it may be a trend, but I actually like how it looks. I've found myself indulging in trends lately, but if it looks cute- then why not?
  8. And they are highly functional (unlike most fashion trends). Just because one decade did them wrong, doesn't mean we can't do them right.
  9. i'm so glad i'm not the only one who likes them....a girl needs to keep warm in the winter and if you're a non-pants wearer like myself, seems like leggings would be a lifesaver.....:P
  10. i wouldn't be caught dead in those. but some celebs look good in them, so if you like 'em, go ahead.
  11. Not in Miami and not when you wear jeans or pants almost always.
  12. YES!!! i hate wearing pants, i can't even remember the last time i wore jeans. it's all skirts for me, and those things are so practical!
  13. I like leggings. Yeah, I know, but I almost always wear some kind of boots and the thick black leggings fit inside the boots so well. I also wear longer sweaters or tunic type shirts with them. Just a look I happen to like and it's comfortable.

    Not very fashion forward though. But I still do it. My daughter want's to nominate me for the show "What Not To Wear" so all my leggings will get thrown out! Guess it's a New Jersey thing. LOL
  14. she may hate ur leggings but at leat some good would come of it.....i love love love love that show....what i woudln't give for someone to hand me a visa with $5,000......:weird:
  15. I'm only 33, but the 80's hasn't been gone long enough to think they are cute. I don't hate them, it just hasn't been long enough!