Leggings: Will You Be Wearing Them This Fall ?

  1. Will you be wearing them this fall ?

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
  2. Oof, who is that in the last picture, one of those Duff tarts? If I wear leggings it won't be like that! That just looks stupid! In fact I think they look rather silly in general. Nicole Richie looks Ok but it's too aerobics-class for me.
  3. I love leggings they are comfy, warrm, and makes a dress or long sweater look a lot more casual and trendy.
  4. No. I'm 39 and I did leggings and stirrup pants back in the 80s and 90s. I have good legs but it's too young a look for me even for going out or clubbing. I stick to leggings when I'm lounging around the house or going jogging.
  5. I think it's a cute style, if you know how to put it together. Done right it makes the legs look slim and sexy!...2 thumbs up for me.
  6. DEFINITELY! They are so versatile, I don't care if they're trendy or not. I have several black pairs varying in thickness for different seasons/occasions. They allow me to wear dresses/skirts without worrying about them flipping up in the wind or the increasingly cold fall temperature. Plus, they're so much comfier than skinny black pants tucked under boots.
  7. I WILL:biggrin::heart:
  8. Absolutely yes!!!:yahoo:

    I'm wearing leggings every chance I get , but I only wear black or brown Spanx footless tights. I have both ankle length and capri length.

    I totally love the look this season. It's fun, sassy, and sexy.
  9. Nope! My bottom half is my least favorite part. I'm petite, but I'm pear-shaped, and straight or boot-cut trousers balance me out well. I refuse to fall victim to a trend that doesn't flatter my body.
  10. I hated leggings when they first surfaced in fashion magazines, but I've warmed up to them. When paired with the right dress or skirt, they can be very flattering. I am embracing the idea of playing dress-up with trends on the weekends!
  11. Yes! Although I am not a fan of the see-through ones (those are hosiery in my book) or the shiny ones, as they are too 80's. But the full-length opaque leggings are versatile, comfortable and flattering!
  12. I prolly would, but I really have nothing in my wardrobe that would allow me to, so no. haha
  13. uhhh..no, I don't really like leggings. I like Lindsay's outfit, she looks nice.
  14. I like the look and I bought a pair of light wool dark grey ones(H&M).....very nice but they make my legs look fatter.
    What are your thoughts about that ?
  15. Yes I will! :yes: I love them with flats! :heart: