Leggings! Who is wearing them, cos I am !

  1. I thought that I said goodbye to leggings in 1989, after I stopped going to exercise classes, BUT, lo and behold I bought a stunning LBD from Lanvin back in January. When it arrived, I felt that something was missing. I put sheer black leggings on, black satin ballet pumps, and the look was transformed. My hubby thought no way, but I felt rebellious and off I went to the Dorchester in LBD and leggings, and I am loving the look.

    How are you wearing yours?
  2. I am wearing them! I bought mine at Express... :smile:

    With big sweaters and tunics.
  3. Under tunics sounds good. What about with converse hi tops?
  4. I dont' own those. Just ballet flats.
  5. I'm wearing black leggings all the time. With black ballet flats and tunics. I think they would be really cute with converse high tops though!
  6. Leggings are my favorite at-home wear. I like to walk around the house just wearing black leggings, a cashmere sweater, and a pedicure. However, I don't wear them anywhere else other than the gym.
  7. Are you saying that leggings have made a comeback?
  8. Yup, just look at people.com. They're all over NYC here in SoHo.
  9. Guess I need to go to Soho more often and get out of my little Brooklyn 'hood ;)
  10. yes.....i love wearing black leggings and flats on those outfits that i feel are too inappropriate or sexy....i don't feel sexy at all:weird:
    i used to wear leggings all the time even when they were considered out of fashion!
  11. I am also wearing them under those skirts that look a little like tennis ones, and also under wrap dresses. I think that they are BIG for autumn, and am just about to buy them to sell at my kids boutique for the 10-14 yr age girls to tie in with the Winter Collection. Do any of you mums have teenage girls wearing leggings too?
  12. I live in Prospect Heights! You?
  13. Finchley, North London, United Kingdom. Is Prospect Heights in New York.
  14. It's in Brooklyn!
  15. No, but a few of my skinny jeans are so tight they might as well be leggings LOL I don't mind the look, I just don't have any tops that would look decent with them