leggings: the second time around?

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  1. My Mom always said, "if you wear a clothing trend once, don't do it when it comes back around." I wore smock tops in the 90s since I didn't think Pooh smocks in 3rd grade counted, but now we're to leggings, which I wore in college and after. Seems like I shouldn't go back (at 40-something) no matter how cute the sales clerk(s) say I look.

    (And I did look kinda cute :P And, yes, I admit to letting two different women at two different stores turn my browsing into 80s flashbacks.)

    Your thoughts? Is there an age thing? a modesty thing? what is it for 40-something me and leggings? btw: I'm a size 4, so it's not a body image thing.
  2. LMAO!!!! I'm 44 and have tons of leggings..but I don't wear them with hookerish tops and 5" heels!!...I wear long tunics/tops over them..sometimes flats, sometimes boots...sometimes heels....I look hip/chic..not floozy!! IKWYM though about trends and going back..but I do think that the second time around for this is waaaaay better than it was the first time!! Go for it girl!!
  3. ^Holy sh*t what the hell is wrong with me!!! LOL I'm 43!!!!! Ugh...see..losing my memory now!! **sigh**
  4. Hi Emmy:

    I guess that's it. I can't seem to get past the hookerish styling of my 20s when it comes to thinking about leggings. You know. The long sweaters, big belts, and Reeboks...lol. I want to look chic, yes yes, but with two little kids and a small town, I guess if I go for it, I can walk around the mall looking cool. LMAO.

  5. LMAO...me too...that looming 44 is a killer, eh? :nuts:
  6. I have like 6 pairs of leggings..all black...I can dress them up or down..I have (lots) of cool shoes to wear with them..either a flat black shoe w/ teeny wedge heel for a little lift...tight fitting leather boots (high wedge heel) or high heel sandals...not the spiky heel...kind of a gladiator look so it balances out the bottom..I am very careful when dressing to avoid the slutty look lol..my figure can handle trendy styles but I AM over 40..the long tops I choose are of good quality and carefully picked as well--it's not like I wear burnt-out ripped tees or anything!!! I always get compliments on these outfits..and I wear them to work too (accounting-office setting) and it's NBD..but my a** is always covered to mid thigh at least..I LOVE wearing them..I feel really good/comfy/stylish when I do...
  7. You inspire me. Yes, it's all about how to wear them. I gotta let go of my 80s stereotype styles, eh?
  8. Mentor me, Emmy?
  9. I know it's hard to incorporate trndy styles when you're over 40..but I truly believe they can be incorporated into our daily wear if worn properly...yeah I would LOVE to wear the cool styles out now..but I would be labeled a floozy if I wore them like the 20 year olds do..hence I look for better fabrics /colors/styles than kids would..I'm a huge fan of texture in clothing as it is just more interesting to wear than plain cotton..go to a store with black tights and boots on and try on some interesting long tunic tops/light weight sweaters to get an idea if you like the look..if you do then any leggings will do..I have black ribbed knit, ones w/ black beads on the bottom, plain ones, wool ones..one pair has little glass buttons going up the ankle..but they are all black..one thing I know is you have to really go out of your box if trying out a new look...avoid the styles you normally gravitate to and try on something you'd never try..you will be pleasantly amazed when you see how good you look and you never would have known it unless you tried it..I am in a similiar situation..I want to get on the denim legging bandwagon but need to find a perfect fit otherwise I'll REALLY look like a floozy lol!!!
  10. I find that tops that come down mid thigh are most flattering to my legs..but I don't have long legs so the length of the top might be dif for you..I don't know what it is but I have to have a very specific length tunic or my legs look chunky..swear to God..it has to hit about 4 inches above my knee..any higher or lower and yeah--I wouldn't be wearing leggings wither lol!!! It's so freaking time consuming..but I'd rather put a lot into it otherwise this stuff would be left sitting in my closet if I didn't like it..I;ve learned my lesson the hard way..I don't buy unless it meets about 50 credentials..I've wasted so much $$ over the years it's sick...someone in Syracuse is dressed to the nines from all the clothes I've donated...but that's OK..I also read somewhere the we wear 20% of our wardrobe 80% of the time..so I keep this in mind too..I want to wear my stuff more than THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. 40 has changed my shopping, for sure....and TPF, too ;). I definitely have fewer pieces but am sure to get the quality pieces that can be worn a lot of ways. In my 20s, I could wear any cheap thing and look fine. Not so anymore. I'll try that. My other criteria is I do not want to buy something I can't wear around my kids...that one keeps me honest...lol...drive up to the Lutheran school in WHA-? lol
  12. it really depends on how you wear it and how you look.....
  13. I have to admit, leggings were hard for me to like this second time around! I just couldnt stop thinking of my high school days when I wore different colored leggings each day (the outfit that stand out in my mind the most was black leggings with lace cuffs on the bottoms, a purple Vneck tee and a long slouchy blazer....ummm, sound familiar? I cant bring myself now to wear blazers!!)

  14. at 46, I've decided that I'll go as far as a skinny pant pant with a blousy sweater or top over my rear.. that's enough for me the second time around
  15. I'm 39 and I love leggings. They really work with some outfits for me. At first I didn't think I could go there, either, but they really do work. Like EMMY says, however, it really does take more time to pair them well than it did the first time the trend rolled around because neon colors and sneakers just won't do anymore!

    OlgaMUA makes a great point, too, that sometimes skinny black pants are easier to work and to make flattering than leggings are. I have several pairs of those, and they are much easier to put into outfits without looking as young or trendy. They are a more sophisticated option, IMO, and if you try them it might make it easier to see where and how/if leggings would work for you.