Leggings or tights for spring/summer?

  1. My legs are hideous, and I will not go bare-legged AT ALL when the weather gets warm. So......

    1) Can I wear cropped leggings under dresses this spring and summer, or is that too "wintery?" I'd pair them with light, summery, bright-colored, patterned dresses.

    2) Can I still wear open-patterned tights under dresses or formal shorts? I was thinking like non-opaque stuff such as a subtle fishnet (in lighter colors, i.e. brown or taupe).

    Whaddya think? I loooove all the new spring dresses but I just can't show any leg. I know the answers to the above will depend on the STYLE of the dresses but I'm asking these questions in a more general sense. :p

    Thanks so much!
  2. i think the more stylish thing would be to deal with your feelings about your legs. i'm sure they're not even a bit as ugly as you think they are, and no one's are perfect. i guarantee you that they're one of those things that gets on your nerves that no one else notices as anything but normal.

    besides, i don't like leggings for spring and summer. leggings hold heat to your body, so they're a good idea for winter if you want to wear dresses, but you'll die in them in summer.
  3. Leggings this Spring? Absolutely! I practically lived in footless tights/leggings all Fall/Winter, and I plan to wear them into the Spring. Black cropped tights under a babydoll or swing dress with a pair of cute ballet flats or sandals is adorable. I have also been wearing nude (natural) colored cropped Spanx (my favorites) this Spring.

    IMO, I would avoid white tights/leggings. White rarely looks good. I've seen pastel tights on other girls this Spring that look good on them, but I don't think pastels are my style.

    There is a whole group of TPF girls out there that distain the return of leggings in the first place who will advise you to shun leggings all together. Most othe them distain skinny jeans, too. Oh well, I love both styles. You need to do your own thing. :smile:
  4. It's absolutely OK IMO.
  5. Leggings are definitely still in for spring... they're still in magazines everywhere! I love the idea of a summer dress or skirt being anchored by leggings.
  6. I totally understand what you're going through...as a child, I had really, really dry skin to the point that my legs scarred. It traumatic because kids would make fun of me so I never wore anything that would expose my legs unless I really had to. Only recently, as an adult, have I come to terms with it. I used to suffer through the muggy summers on the east coast and wear pants, longer capris, or hose. But, I figure if someone else cares enough to notice, comment, or say anything, it's their problem, so I wear whatever I want and "bare" my legs.

    However, back to your question, I think that lightweight leggings or footless tights are great, especially under dresses. So, I think that you should wear them.
  7. Thanks, everyone! All of your advice is wonderful. I'll have to keep an eye out for ladies wearing white leggings because I hadn't noticed them being unflattering, but maybe I wasn't looking hard enough! :smile: Great food for thought, though.

    Amanda -- in an ideal world, I wouldn't care what others think about my legs, but in reality, it's a straight-up grossness thing as opposed to self-consciousness or vanity. Thanks to 2 pregnancies, I now have nasty, ropy varicose veins on both legs. Plus....I have deep brown scarry patches all over my legs, due to severe eczema. I don't think anyone would appreciate seeing all that unpleasantness! :yucky: So really, I'm covering up for the greater good of mankind. :rolleyes:
  8. i would do leggings! love the look.
  9. I understand your feeling..after having 3 kids within 6 yrs, my leg develop hideous variscose veins..and I too am looking for an option and thanks to everybody's advise but can anybody let me know where I can find a good legging , what brands are you partial too?
  10. i can definately understand your feelings, because i've had severe eczema on and off for my entire life. my advice would be to keep the leggings in springier colors and keep them just below the knee - that will look a lot springier than dark, longer leggings, which i saw a lot (and wore often) during the winter.

    i do love the look of leggings under a trapeze or babydoll dress, but it's already 80 degrees outside here and the thought of layering when it gets toward june and july just makes me want to die! my attitude would probably be more pro-legging if i was in a milder climate, lol.
  11. you can try lace leggings too those are cute also and if your dress is too plan or something they'll add a little something something

    but i'm strictly against short shorts and leggings, maybe its just me
  12. Meri -- You mean the lace-edged leggings? Those are really cute! They take me back to my junior high days when I wore them all the time. ('80's Madonna chic)

    Amanda -- fortunately I live in San Francisco where it's pretty mild and doesn't get all that hot in the summer. We have like 3-4 weeks of 80 degree heat, and the rest of summer is more like 60s and 70s. Great for girls like me who NEED leg coverage! lol.

    Anitalilac -- I just buy them whereever I happen to see them, i.e. Macy's or Nordstrom. Check the hosiery section at your local department store!
  13. me? officially jealous. i can see why it costs so much to live in San Francisco!
  14. One of the magazines is showing black opaque tights with a cute white suit for spring, it looks great (at least on the model).
  15. Loves pairing leggings under dresses this spring !! It looks cute with ballet flats and yesh, agree with the one with lace!! Totally chic. Definitely not grey or light colored ones if you're not comfy with showing off your legs.. I just stick to black..