Leggings are still here?

  1. It doesn't seem like this trend has died... are you still wearing leggings? Are other girls in your city wearing them?
  2. Definitely! Especially with sweater dresses/ tunics and tall boots.
  3. yes.. I saw few women are still wearing it...
  4. I'm over it...
  5. Sure!
  6. yup i wear them with dresses that are a 2 inch's or higher then my knees
  7. Yep I am still wearing them and I work in a retail store that is still selling them at full price. The shorter length ones have gone on sale, but the longer ones are still full price. I see other girls in my city wearing them all the time.
  8. Yep, I still wear them and want more and I see them on girls in the city.
  9. Nope not wearing them where i'm from!
  10. I'm wearing them and so is my mom but we are much more trendy than any one else in our area.
  11. not dead here. . . see them on cute girls everywhere!
  12. I have one pair of white leggings in my draws. I have worn them when I was in a show. I tried wearing them in public once and then I put it back.

    Im not really a trendy "off the moment" kind of girl, so they definitely dont work for me. I'll leave that trend for those who live in warmer climates lol
  13. I have a very conservative sense of style so I have yet to jump into this trend but I've always liked the look. I was wondering if it is too late for me... though it's freezing outside!
  14. I haven't really gotten into the trend, but I still see people wearing leggings. In fact, my coworker is wearing them today. I don't think it's too late for you, Intlset, since it's cold outside.
  15. Annie, it's not too late.
    And FWIW, w/ your sense of style, they'll still look conservative. I see them worn like opaque tights, very cute!