Leggings and knobby knees..

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  1. Okay, I know this is a funny question, but I love the look of leggings/riding pants, BUT I have knobby knees and was wondering if anyone else has this problem? and if so what leggings look good. I just bought the cutest" Elizabeth & James" silk blouse and they were showing it with leggings. I tried on the Vince ones but my knees looked funny (I guess I can always wear skinny jeans with the top). Anyone have any suggestions?? thanks
  2. I'm sorry, but do you have any pictures? I don't really know what "knobby knees" are, it might help if we saw your knees in leggings. Wow, that sounded funny. I'm sure they look fine, are you self-concious about your knees? Again, a picture would help :smile:
  3. Thanks PurseXaXhlic, knobby just means bony knee caps (think Sara Jessica Parker, skinny legs, bony knees), I guess I'm just self conscious about it...it's funny how we all have our wierd things that we notice and maybe nobody else would LOL.:smile:
  4. I think I have this problem too, I always wear below the knee, or way above so at least the rest of the leg balances out and the knees don't become focuss. If I go barelegged I find that makeup helps, I don't know if anyone else does this but I load up my legs with makeup.

    As for leggings, it's a reason why I avoid them because they just don't look good on me.
  5. Think about it this way... knobby knees > fat calves in leggings. Consider yourself lucky, lol!