Legging/Jegging wearers Show me your tee's

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  1. Evening Ladies:

    I am on the search for longer tee's to wear with my jegging/leggings. You know those comfy tee shirts that you just want to lounge in but can also wear out to run errands. Please show me what longer tee's you are wearing with yours:biggrin:

    Any type of tee btw- pocket t's, regular t's longer tunic tee's anything.
  2. ...
  3. I have this Talitha tunic, by Ella Moss, which I only wear with jeggings and leggings. It doesn't look that long on the model but on me it almost covers my behind (if I am wearing jeans it almost entirely covers the back pockets)

    btw, that's not me (obviously). Photo credit goes to nordstrom.

  4. Another one of my "exclusively for leggings" tops (also by Ella Moss) This top completely covers the back pockets of jeans.
    Photo credit: Nordstrom.

    Sorry I don't have any real life photos! My camera's out of commission right now.
  5. Another Ella Moss top. This one I got from shoplastyle, photo credit also goes to them. Again, I'm a shorty so the top does cover my butt.

  6. This isn't a tunic/tee per se, but I wear it like one because it's not warm enough to be a hoodie! :biggrin: I always wear it fully zipped up and with the bow tied (like in the photo; it's a half-zip hoodie so it only goes part way) and it's a longer hoodie as well. It's by Kritik, I got it (and the picture) from Revolve.

  7. I love ella moss tees to wear with jeggings/leggings but they are overpriced imo
  8. ^I agree! so I normally purchase them from clearance/nordstrom rack/on sale/when I have a giftcard :biggrin:
  9. I'm very conscious about my legs but would love to wear shorts, mini skirts and rompers. Do you think it's ok to wear leggings under these?
  10. ^i personally like tights/hose more under things than leggings
  11. I usually wear plain tunics from Topshop with mine, I get them on sale. They're loose and flowy, but they don't sell any like that anymore (the only loose ones aren't very plain, and are $50 and up). And I also wear this Lady Gaga shirt with leggings- I got it in a mens xl so I could wear it as a dress.
  12. thank you alll so much for your feedback!!!!!!