Legends Of Today And Yesterday

  1. is anyone else excited to see the redesign bags or is it just me? :yes:
  2. i'm dying of curiosity. they've been using that Flash video for a long time now
  3. I am a bit curious myself.
  4. I have been waiting & it seems like forever!\These should be good, I wish they would sell some of them. Are they?
  5. i don't know but that would be cool though
  6. I am SUPER excited about tomorrow!!!:yahoo: I can't wait to see how the artists/architects have re-designed the Louis bags...and who knows, maybe we'll see some of the in the Spring??
  7. CURIOUS!!! My friend is studying abroad in Rome right now and I told her to go to Louis Vuitton when the exhibition starts to check it out for me!!!
  8. Hell yes!! I went to the french site since it's the 15th over there but I couldn't find anything...damn..
  9. I just tried this morning (the 15th) and nothing :sad:
  10. I just tried too (2pm 15th) still nothing
  11. Still nothing :sad:
  12. Bleh!
  13. I am excited to. It will be holded in Champs-Ellysees store until 31 December and I'm going to Paris next month!!!!
  14. The suspense is killing me over here. :hysteric:
  15. Still nothing (1:15 PM eastern time USA on the 15th).