Legende de Kuna

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  1. I'm on a mission - I need this scarf in the yellow/orange colourway. If anyone finds the 'Legende Kuna Peuple de Panama" in this colourway, can you please let me know?:smile:
  2. Is it discontinued? Do u think i can find it in Paris store.. if its available, ill get it for you.. will check George V boutique.. its 5 minutes walk from our apartment.
  3. Very nice of you pinkish!
  4. Pinkish! Wow! You ARE fabulous!!

  5. I'm off to H tomo to pick up something for Perja that she can't find in Paris, so I'll have a check with them too.
  6. Can your SA check computer to see if another store has it? My SA does this for me sometimes, but he is just checking stores in USA.
    Hope you find it.
  7. ^You're right Gol, mine does this too, but as we only have four stores here (don't you feel sorry for me...LOL!)...there wasn't one to be found. Well, there WAS one, but it was purple!
  8. Thanks Wong!
  9. So i went to George V boutique, the SA told me that they stopped receiving this scarf long time ago :shrugs: I asked her if she can phone FSH.. she said, she's sure they don't have it since its been a long time since she saw one!

    Anyways.. i asked a friend of mine who speaks fluent French to call FSH boutique and check.. i'll let you know!
  10. Sorry GF.. not available at FSH boutique either!
  11. Oooooo boy, GF, this is a 2002 scarf.
  12. I'll check at the Hilton tonight when I go pick up my agenda!
  13. Thanks anyway, Pinkish - I REALLY appreciate your help!!:flowers:
  14. HG! It's 2004.
  15. Thank You P!!!!!!