LEGEND.....WAIT FOR IT..... DARY! Neil Patrick Harris & David Burtka

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  1. I need somewhere to post about my first celebrity crush,so... tPF, you're it! :P

    I wasn't always an NPH fangirl, I came to it rather recently. I'd finally seen a couple of rerun episodes of How I Met Your Mother on lifetime this past summer (yeah, I don't get to watch a lot of TV) and recognized him as the actor who once played Doogie Howser, MD. I liked the show, but that was it....

    Fast forward to a couple of weeks before Halloween... out of curiousity, I downloaded Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog from itunes and enjoyed it so much, I had to watch it again... and again.. and again.... until I woke up and fell asleep with those songs always. in. my. head.

    And then I caught myself noticing how blue his eyes looked in one scene and how he was kinda cute.... and oh!... I think I have a crush on him. :lol:

    So I went a little nuts for the next few weeks reading up on him and his fiancé, David Burtka. Both men are super talented and have the most adorable babies. NPH is everywhere... hosting, acting in film and movies, on stage, doing voice work all over the place; and David is a chef, has his own catering company and just tweeted the news of becoming an E! correspondent.

    I just need somewhere to get this out of my system. :blush:

    Okay... I'm shutting up now and posting my favorite pics. :love:




    Please don't leave me forever alone on this thread... but I'll probably come back with more pics and news regardless. ;) :choochoo:
  2. Very cute kids!
  3. LOL! He is adorable, I agree!
  4. And VERY talented!
  5. I love him in Doogie Howser as well. :smile:
  6. :heart: NPH! Did you ladies catch him on Live with Kelly! ? He was great, loved his magic trick! ;)
  7. I found 2 videos of it on youtube:

    He is good. I would love him to be on Live! for good, but HIMYM films in LA, wish it came back here.
  8. your thread title = [​IMG]
  9. Yay!

    So glad people agree with me!

    Angelnyc89: I work at the time Live with Kelly is on, but I totally went back to the show's website and watched the clips there... my favorite was the "Put the lotion in the basket" when they were inhaling the anti-helium. lol I know he got scolded for that word he said after, but he also apologized, so all's well. I'm sad I missed him sneaking a kiss from Betty White, though.

    Jahpson: lol! I've seen thread comments on youtube that compare the awesomeness of NPH and Chuck. It always seems pretty up and up.
  10. ^That was funny too! He was co-hosting for a whole week with her, and he was great. They have great chemistry!
  11. Betty White on Live with Kelly! NPH guest co-hosts:

    I hope she comes on HIMYM and plays the sexy cougar!
  12. LOVE this guy! Super talented!
  13. I never liked Doogie, but NPH is fantastic! He is adorable and extremely talented.
  14. Thanks for linking that clip of Neil & Betty White! I love that. I can't believe she's going to be 90! Awesome.. I wanna be cool like that when I'm her age... heck, I wish I was cool like that now!
  15. i love nph!