Legecy Stripe

  1. I wanna drool!

    Anyhooo, Cant you tell me about this? I see totes with this interior... what it only made on certains bags, season... thanks
  2. 2006 had a bunch of yummy Legacy Stripe stuff! What is it you want to know exactly? A good thing to do is look it p on eBay. There are always lots of prettys for you to look at!
  3. I don't know how long the "Legacy" collection has had striped satin interior, but, I know the 2006 to present legacy collection have the satin interior. Its gorgeous.......one of the reasons, i salivate for Legacy Bags. I have only been collecting Coach since Dec. 2006...........
  4. ^^
    that is the legacy lining everyone is telling you about.. yes it is only made in certain bags, hence the "legacy" line name. :yes: Is it just the lining you are asking about or are you wondering each and every bag that had the lining in it? :shrugs:
  5. Just wondering which bags this lining came in and was it only for a season...

    thank you.
  6. I love the fact that my Ergo tote has the Legacy stripe lining! That was one of the things that made me grab for it in the outlet--I could see the lining peeking out from the shelf. :smile: I think it's such a pretty pattern, very classy. I drool for anything with Legacy lining--you are not alone!
  7. ^^ that is my line of thinking, its just so pretty .. I want one now :biggrin:
  8. Some of the signature stripe stuff had Legacy lining!

    For example, my Sig Stripe Skinny in gunmetal has it! I'm scared to put coins/money in it and get it dirty... :biggrin:
  9. I beleive it was originally a Bonnie Cashin vintage design. They brought it back with some other inspired designs. I love the 06 collection, I wish I had every piece !
  10. Me too!!!! :woohoo:
  11. Yep, my two LEgacy shoulder bags have this lining, but so do my signature stripe accordian zip around wallet and matching wristlet...so I'm not sure how they choose the things that get the lining....but I DO love it! :smile:
  12. There was also a pair of flats in the legacy stripe pattern. Do the current Ergo totes have it? Mine from last year has it. But the ergo hobos didn't have it.
  13. my signature stripe tote has the legacy lining and I love it! I was almost going to get the reversible sig stripe tote until I saw this one with the legacy lining and then I couldn't not get it!
  14. i love the legacy lining so much i bought a silk legacy scarf so i can tie it to the OUTside :upsidedown: