'Legally' Single Gals- Do you purchase your own jewelry or are they gifts?

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  1. When I say legally single, I mean your not married, but in a relationship or just literally single.

    I want to do some jewelry shopping for myself, and I know it might be tacky to get myself a diamond ring..but what about a bracelet? Necklace? Earrings?

    I guess I feel kind of silly going to a jewelry store buying jewelry and seeing couples purchasing gifts for each other.

    oh listen to me, I sound really silly. thoughts?

    Also, if you have purchased jewelry (married folks can answer to) what was it?

    thanks guys;)
  2. I buy everything for myself and always have. I love jewelry and if I've got the means, why wait for a guy to buy it, b/c he never might, KWIM? My parents have bought me some as well. I feel like this w/ other topics, too, such as buying a house as a single person rather than waiting to see if that right guy comes around. Life is too short to wait for someone else to possibly do something.

    If you like something and can do it, go get it! I have bought myself diamond rings- not like a solitaire- and tons of other stuff. Lots of ladies do this. Go shopping, Jahpson! :yes:
  3. Im married but I buy my own jewelry:tup:
  4. I am married, and I have bought most of my own jewelry. DH buys some too, but I've bought most of it. I've bought myself a diamond tennis bracelet, double-strand pearl choker, some Tiffany necklaces, and several right-hand rings.
  5. Yup, ITA!
    It's NICE when a guy gets me something but I'm not going to miss out on getting something I like just because he won't buy it for me. Plus, guys aren't so good at hints anyway.
  6. I second elizat :tup: I like to say that my purchases are gifts from myself. The only other person I like getting jewelry from is my mother. Otherwise, I like choosing things for myself and rewarding myself. I have received gifts from others and I know that it can be hard to look at those objects and not think of the person who gave them to you; this can be a plus and a minus. I received my beautiful kitty from a guy who, at the time, was a close friend. Unfortunately he liked me in a way I didn't like him and eventually I had to break communication with him. Of course I started to look at my Darby in a different way. It was hard to separate Darby from the guy who gave him to me. Now I love Darby more than when I first received him, but that is b/c he is a being who has a special relationship with me, not just an object. But I know if the guy had given me an object like jewelry I would not be able to keep it, let alone wear it. So, my point with this story is that I think buying jewelry for yourself is a great way to go ;)

    I will say I have not bought any diamond rings for myself, but that is b/c I cannot afford to. There is no harm in buying what you like and afford. I suppose I would hesitate to buy a diamond solitaire, but there are so many other options for diamonds and rings out there (as I am sure you are aware :P) you are bound to find something you want to buy.

    Have fun shopping!
  7. I am married but when I was single I bought jewelry for myself, and never even thought to feel awkward about it. One of the things I bought for myself was a diamond pinky ring, although it wasn't a solitaire. Even now I pick out most of the jewelry my husband gives me as gifts, as he has different taste than I do and most of his attempts to surprise me haven't worked out well. If there's a piece of jewelry you want, buy it for yourself! Why not?
  8. I'm a Jeweler so I just make my gold/platinum jewelry and buy my own diamonds.

    Been married 8 years and frankly I would be very, very scared at the abomination that my husband would pick out. I would end up with a necklace with a flushable toilet pendent or something.
  9. my DF has a pretty good idea of the stuff I like, but I waited for him to get me jewelry that I liked, I'd probably get one or 2 pieces a year...

    I don't necessarily get "nice" stuff all the time... i like to go to Ross's and get new sterling stuff.
  10. I'm married and buy jewelry for myself. DH also buys me jewelry, but that doesn't stop me from getting some bling for myself!
  11. I've been in a relationship for almost 5 years and I still buy my own for the most part, too. in fact, I've been really liking rings recently and I'd get myself a diamond ring if my bf wasn't planning to get an engagement one soon. Get what you want!
  12. I buy myself a new major bauble every year. I believe that a single women should treat herself to something great every year to remind herself that she's worth and does not need a "man" to to prove it.
    And yes, I've bought diamonds. Once a single girlfriend made a comment about it, why did I buy it for myself? I said, why not?
  13. i always bought/ buy my jewellery by myself. Sometimes my parents buy me some stuff as well, but only things which they know, i am eyeing for quite a time...i.e. my diamond studs
  14. I've bought most of my jewelery myself. I don't wait for my SO to buy it for me. If I see something and like it, I buy it.

  15. yes, right now Im on that mindset. I do have a very loving SO, but I don't think he has a clue as to what kind of jewelry I would like.

    Also I want to start buying some really nice jewlry (diamonds etc.) I have a lot of fashion jewelry and it would be nice to have something really nice.

    You guys are giving me great ideas. i really want to get me a diamond tennis bracelet or some diamond studs, also that "right hand" ring.