Legalizing the hunting of pythons/boas in Florida...

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  1. #1 Jul 20, 2009
    Last edited: Jul 20, 2009
    I was watching the morning news when I heard that they just began the legalization of python/boa hunting and killing in the Everglades! The snakes have multiplied and gotten so large that they have become a threat to the public. They have been found regularly in people's backyards and have devoured people's pets, even full sized alligators/crocs!

    The snakes I saw were so beautiful (albinos-yellow pythons, etc...). Its so sad to see them get killed, but I couldn't help but think of making them into handbags and shoes LOL! :roflmfao: I know...I sound awful!

    Although state politicians find it difficult to agree on solutions to major threats facing Florida, from hurricanes to a growing joblessness, they do seem to be uniting against one new scourge: pythons. | | Star-Banner | Ocala, FL

  2. imo, if they're overpopulating their habitat, especially to the extreme where they're causing danger to household pets and children, and they're hunting animals they usually wouldn't because their food source is low (common with overpopulation), then hunting them is necessary.

    this issue is common with other species in other states, but unfortunately it always becomes a political issue, rather than one that is handled objectively and with the well being of the community in mind. it must be a very serious problem in FL if all the politicians can agree on it.
  3. It's truly a shame to have to get rid of these beautiful creatures, but unfortunately, there are people out there who can't care for their pets or have outgrown them who leave them off in the wild to fend for themselves. Apparently, the Everglades environment really works for pythons. That's the problem and now they are more than just a nusance. They are dangerous. So this is something that we have created ourselves and now we have to deal with it in this drastic manner.
  4. It's human irresponsibility that caused this problem. It's a crying shame because these snakes are beautiful animals. Makes me sick.
  5. These snake our doing harm to the eco system there. They are not native & are kiling the animals that are suppose to be there.

    Do hope they are utilizing all of the snakes for food & purses!
  6. ita.
  7. I was thinking the same thing about the handbags, and knew I wasn't the only one! I am awful too.
  8. That first pic is crazy....I'm trying to figure out which part is the alligator and which part is the python!
  9. I wonder who will shoot the humans for overpopulating the world and taking over everything.
  10. ^ITA! The pythons were brought there by people and looked after irresponsibly and that's what caused the outbreak. I think the snakes should be trapped and brought back to their natural habitats but not slaughtered! I had a pet snake as a little girl so this makes me sad
  11. unfortunately i think bringing them back to their natural habitat isnt the answer either. its so sad, but its such a major problem theyre really stuck in a catch 22. if they do nothing and let them continue to over populate the area, there will be major negative effects. on the other hand, if they allow legal hunting (not slaughtering) of the snakes, they will get flack for killing innocent animals whose only reason for being there in the first place is human irresponsibility
  12. ItA
  13. The same day I saw this story on tv, I was driving by a pet store and saw a sign for "Baby Boas sale! $30!" ........ it's no wonder..............

    and it's VERY scary to think about what COULD happen if this doesn't get under control.
  14. Yes, we have been living with this problem down here in Florida for a long time. Pet shops sell the snakes and used to sell monkeys, etc., etc., pet owners get tired of them or scared of them and dump them, they are becoming a horrific problem, as well as iguanas that were first endangered and now have proliferated to the point that they come and try to eat what you are eating at the Ritz Carlton pool area........ROFL., I told my grandkids that every time I saw any of them I would think of what a great purse they would make and they just about killed me......yes, I thought about it inmediately.
    On a tragic, tragic note, and I am sure most of you read about it, in Florida, a 2 year old child was killed in her crib by a Boa or a Python that escaped from its cage or habitat in the childs house and strangled and bit the child to death.................the snake was enormous. People who keep these dangerous animals have to have their heads examined.