Legality Issue?

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  1. OK, I absolutely KNOW I'm going to be flamed but I have to ask. Is it illegal to OWN a fake - I know it is to sell one?

    I have a couple of fake LVs from consignment stores and sadly I have to say that they are still better quality than any other bag I have ever owned.

    Pochette Accessoires (cut LVs) and Ribera Mini (style number) - even my friend who has real LVs was surprised by this, she had no idea how to tell fakes and we couldn't find any difference in the texture of the canvas (mine have faux suede linings, besides the two issues I mentioned). I admit I should have researched this BEFORE buying.

    So, do you think it is OK to use these or not? Someone here said as much as 99% of all LV is fake, but I'm scared of getting arrested if I even take them outside. I wouldn't try to "pass" - if anyone asked I would say I bought them used and I knew they were fakes - I just love the look of them and wish I could use them.
  2. your not going to get arrested for useing a fake bag. Its illegal to sell them, and some people say in europe its illegal to carry them but in the US you wont get arrested or anything lol. I have a feeling this thread will be closed btw b/c theres a lot of threads about this already.....
  3. are you for real? :wtf:

    your posting in a LV forum, its never going to be OK to wear them!
  4. I don't think the monogram comes with suede lining, vintage has vuittonite and leather lining while the current ones have cotton canvas lining.
  5. some fakes have nasty faux suede lining.

    i think this thread will get closed
  6. ita!!
  7. I do believe that they can get confiscated in an airport if discovered to be fake, no?
  8. Its simple. No.
  9. In ny city, paris, milan, and london, if police sees a person carrying or buying counterfeited products, he or she can get fines up to five thousand dollars and get the item confiscated.
  10. I wish it was like that everywhere. I personally just couldn't carry a bag knowing that it's a fake. :yucky: What's the point?

    BTW, what about those websites that sell counterfeited bags?

  11. wow i wish they did that in Australia, how would the police know whats fake or whats real???
  12. ^^Olya6070- Please correct me if I'm wrong but I believe there's a law that does not held the web liable for what they sell to the consumer. I think the US does held US websites liable if they do something illegal, but other countries don't have such law. (same issue with sex sites)
  13. I was wondering the same.
  14. Unfortunately, this is not the proper venue to discuss fake bags.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.