legal questions about listing on ebay

  1. I saw some listings for designer handbag have disclaim such as (I forgot the exact wording, but something like):

    I am not afflicated with xx brand or a dealer of xx brand


    This item was purchased from xxx, According to law number xxx, I can sell this item on eBay etc.

    Do I have to put this statments on the listing? What happen if I dont? I haven't been doing it...:confused1:

    By the way, anyone familiar the law that talks about reselling an item purchased from xx stores? That's completely legal, right? Just want to make sure.
  2. Personally it doesn't seem like it makes a difference what you mention in your disclaimer. Just be careful to use your own words in your listings (never copy/paste from a Web site description), use your own photos and stay away from words like "like new" or "new" but say "as new" or "mint condition." Also, don't mention other designers in your listing other than the one you are selling, even if it is in another section where it talks about your other items for sale (e.g., don't write, "also, check out what other X, Y and Z items I have for sale"). They will remove for keyword spamming.
  3. I have posted those statements in my listings and I have never had a problem w/ VERO or eBay taking down my listing.
    Maybe just a coincidence?

    I also add: This is my personal bag from my personal collection and I only have this one.
  4. I've seen As New stated. What does that mean?
  5. eBay considers "Like New" to be keyword spamming, so i am guessing As New is a way around that.

    As for disclaimers, I have been selling bags for over a 1.5 yrs now and don't put any sort of disclaimer in my auction. I think the folks that do put them may have had auctions pulled before, or maybe they were using copy and pasted descriptions from the bag manufacturers website. If i use those, I always say that is where the description is from.
  6. I've put like new and haven't had a problem over the past few years. But I agree, I think maybe the person has had problems with vero and is trying to avoid them.
  7. I know people who sell Mary Kay cosmetics aren't allowed to sell online (other than through the company's website) so you have to declare that you're not affiliated.