Legal Purse Parties?


Feb 13, 2008
New York
^^^ I dont mind it so much. I mean, if you are going to buy kitchen stuff or candles or whatever I dont mind buying them at a blank-party, you know? I havent hosted any, but my mom and aunts do different ones and my moms theory is that if you are going to buy x-item anyway, why not host the stupid party and get what you wanted to buy anyway for free?

There are a thousand different types of these things out there, I would be wary of one I hadnt heard of before or that didnt have a website to see the merchandise. My best friend went to one that was ALL knock offs, but the others I went to with relatively nice bags were all online so i got to see the bags first.
:true: never been to one though but I did hear of Mac (as in cosmetics parties)


Mar 27, 2006
Bay Area
The only purse parties I've ever heard of are the one's who sell illegal purses. The ladies who run my school were having a purse party around Christmas for their employee's and the girls who go to the school. I got asked and said "And why would I want to buy a fake LV when i have the real thing right here?!?" They just teased me about spending so much money on my purseses.

then they started telling me stories about how crazy people go over the bags. They rush into a room and grab and claw at the bags so they can get the "best" ones. And then go to a corner of the room so no one can touch or steal their bags. :roflmfao: It's like they think they're real or something. I just think that ladies who go to these things are a little nutty!


Dec 14, 2007
Alexandria, VA
See, if I saw women fighting over fakes I think I would break up laughing and then have to leave before I got beat up.

I can't even bear the thought of real Coach bags after I saw an actual physical fight in a Macy's just before christmas when they put Coach on sale.

The real reason I don't like purse party stuff, even those that are not trying to be imitation, is that they're not comfortable soft leathers. I bought a couple of bags from anyknockoff a few years ago and while they were well made, they were really disappointing when I touched them.

If I did not have the money for higher end bags, I would stick to TJM where there's no pressure to buy from a limited selection and you can find nice stuff cheap if you keep looking. Heck, I do that anyway. Just ask the other TJM regulars I see every week when I go...


Sep 28, 2006
Fake or not, that website and the bags on it look pretty gross. I hope they look better in real life, but you'd think if they have the money to put the ads in a major magazine they could pay someone to put up a better site.


Apr 4, 2008
I've never been to a purse party but the ones that I know other people have gone to around here all had fakes.

I used to kinda like the other parties though, the first one anyway. The first one was always more about socializing with the ladies, maybe picking up a thing or two you'd been meaning to get or something cute you see. Then suddenly they spread like colds in flu season, and everyone is having parties and want you to go to theirs, and while you are at it, how about the one sister in law is throwing too, blahblah.


Dec 5, 2007
Long Island, NY
This one seems totally legal, as opposed to the illegal purse parties that sell fakes. i'm sure it's a legit site as well..they just look like incredibly cheaply made purses.


Feb 22, 2008
Last night my best friend and I went to a bar in the Hillcrest area of San Diego, and I saw a girl with a Balenciaga motocycle bag in turquoise. As I love the bag, I complimented her on it, and asked her where she had found one short of L.A.
She told me she got it at a purse party, and didn't know what Balenciaga was. It was totally fake, but it looked so real, even I had to stop and look closer at the stitching and hardware.

Her friend had a Fendi, but the n and d were connected, and easier to see.

These purse parties don't seem very legal, considering they're selling knock off.