Legal Purse Parties?

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  1. Really? My coworker was telling me that she was invited to one and I immediately wrinkled my nose (I'm not one to hold back my opinion just because we work together). But she said they were totally legal and not selling fakes and even Oprah had recommended them.


    Are these actually legal? Or are they just the same old cheap crap knock offs?
  2. they probably are just no-name bags, not actuially look like LV, or Gucci's you know?
  3. Yeah, I probably wouldn't bother going either if you like quality handbags.

    When I first read the title of the post I read it as legal purse panties! lol Too early in the morning.
  4. ROFL painted! More caffeine. lol

    I sure as heck wouldn't go...or maybe just to see what they had.
  5. They appear to be "designer inspired". As long as they aren't trying to sell fake bags it's legal. It's one of those legal pyramids (like Partylite, Mary Kay, Cookie Lee, Beauticontrol, etc).
  6. This one of those directing selling schemes. And I don't believe Oprah recommended them. Their add was shown in the DSA (Direct Selling Association) insert in O Magazine. The DSA insert is merely an advertisement for direct selling schemes. You'll see ads for Mary Kay, Pampered Chef, etc.
  7. Ahhh...see that's so dishonest. "as seen in" when you paid for an ad is not okay.
  8. Ive been to a couple of purse parties - I know people who do pampered chef, tastefully simple, etc. and as a child of the late 80s, early 90s my mom was the queen of the Tupperware party. You obviously dont go if you only carry high end designers, but some of the bags were really cute. One party everything was "inspired" and made of pleather or leatherette, but one party was all leather and some canvas/nylon and all the same brand. I ended up seeing the brand in JC Penneys or Sears or something after the fact, they werent bad for an everyday knock around bag.

  9. I used to work for a company in retail who advertised in major mags, you dont just call up and pay for space like in the newspaper - they want the advertising revenue, but they also wont put ads for just anything in the magazine either. We had to go through a lot of checks and questions about the business before getting our ad bought. I think if it was some sort of scheme where you lost money or something it wouldnt be listed!

    Remember those quarter things growing up before the crack down on pyramid schemes? Everyone I went to elementary school with was always trying to get people to put in quarters for their "Wealth Pyramid" or whatever it was called!
  10. Hmmm....I have a few friends that go to these purse parties and have purchased fake prada and lv. So, maybe there are two different types?
  11. I don't even see how people make money off these things. I mean, does anyone seriously buy Tupperware, Pampered Chef, or Mary Kay? I know my mom bought some Mary Kay back in the 80's, but I don't honestly know anyone who has made any real money off that stuff. In fact, most people seem to lose money from direct selling.
  12. After seeing this post this afternoon I clicked on the link above and was checking out their website and saw that you could have a catalog sent, so I filled out their information box and it said that after I click send it will list a person that is a consultant for your area. Well, the person that came up is one who lives in a place called Trinity, Trinity is a wealthy area. I did this at my sisters house this afternoon, I was watching my nephew, well, when I got home tonight around 7-ish, I noticed this Cheryl person had called, listened to the messages and it was that lady from Purse Party, she had already called me, can you believe that. My God, they pounce on you right away. I am just being curious/nosy, I wanted to see what type of bags they offer and what they are made out of, I'm not interested in having a party.
  13. ^^^That's NUTSO!!!

    I was out to dinner the other day and said to my friends, "Hey, XXX has a nice LV cabas...did you see?" And they all said, "probably fake...she hosts purse parties"

    FInd out and report back to us!:police:
  14. casto: interesting, beautiful jewelry btw!
  15. At work they all go to these purse parties. Every one has fake Coach and Prada. Today they went nuts over one girls Kate Spade she got last night.