Legal age to rent a hotel room ??

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  1. Does anyone know the legal age to rent a hotel room in New York state? TIA:smile:
  2. I think it varies by hotel... some are 18, some are 21

    I dont think its a state law, just hotel policy
  3. Yes I think so also. One time I had to book a room for my son, who was 18 at the time.
    I had to call the manager ahead of time and explain the circumstance. He approved the booking, but told me he could not give my son the mini bar key. ;)
  4. Some 18, some 21.

    If 18, some hotels require a certain "deposit" in case you trash their hotel room. A couple of the nicer hotels in Ocean City in MD required a $500 deposit (would be charged to CC if anything was damaged) if all were under the age of 25
  5. A majority are 21, some are 18. Check for more info on specific hotels. To be safe, you should also call the hotel to confirm their policy. For the most part, the higher end hotels are 21 and over to check in because the belief is that those who are 21+ can take financial responsibility for any damages that might occur. Good luck!
  6. Why bump a 2½ year old thread?
  7. ^^By now the OP would probably be of legal age anyway!
  8. if someone needs to ask this question, they are too young!
  9. oh wow! old thread!
  10. 10 yrs ago when this was applicable to me -- I never had a problem renting a hotel room. In fact, I routinely rented them from age 17 on (I travelled a lot due to my hobby) and I never got asked for anything other than my drivers license. Never had a problem at all.
  11. I live in the UK and I am guessing its 18 (I should know this working in one) I remember once we had a really young couple who has just got married, I am assuming they were 18 because they were allowed champagne etc in the room. I cant imagine under 18s being allowed to rent a hotel room but I cant say for sure.
  12. i was able to get my own hotel room at three different nyc hotels when i was 20 (although it was booked for me by a firms i was interviewing with.) i'm pretty sure its 18.
  13. It's 21 in Westchester County, NY.