Legal advices appreciated on using home address as business address

  1. My sister asked to use my house address as business address for a business set up by a nephew's wife.

    What is the legal implication in using my home address as business address? What if she incurs debts? Am I liable for it? In the worse case scenerio, will my house be seized?

    If the business is under her name and I join as a partner, what will be the implication? Will my house be affected if the business fails and debts are incurred? In the worse case scenerio, will my house be seized?

    I am new to all this and will really appreciate the legal expertise on this. Thks.
  2. sanity, you should speak to a lawyer!
  3. Why are they using YOUR address??? What kind of business is this?

    It seems very flaky & convoluted. I would think twice beforre signing up for this.

    There is a lot to consider. Are they using your address as a return address for mailings or will your address be on checks & listed as the site of the business on paperwork? Are they trying to use your house as collateral for a businnes loan?
  4. 1. Why do they want to use your address? Do they not have an address of their own?

    2. What type of business are they planning on running?

    3. How long will they want to use your address for? Will it only be used as a mailing address or with the business also be registered under this address?

    Quite honestly, I wouldn't do it!
  5. :wtf: Don't you just hate it when family pull something like this on you. Personally I would just say a firm No, just doesn't feel right.
  6. She intends to do a recruitment agency for now. She is operating from home.

    She wants to use my address as both the registered and mailing addresses.

    I do not know how long they intend to use the address. If the agency is successful, it may be long term. Also I am not sure if they will expand into other ventures in the future.
  7. Don't do it. There are also sorts of things that can come up. First it is fraud.....there is no business operating out of your home. If there is debt and the IRS is involved and your address is on all business papers I think they can go after you. Your sister is very rude to ask you this, what is she trying to hide or protect that she can't use her own address???? I really would like to say again don't do it.
  8. can't she get a mailbox at Mailbox Etc. it is an actual mailing address, not just a PO box. Lots of businesses "rent" addresses at these type of places, I wouldn't use never know if some nutcase comes looking for her at your place.
  9. She is operating from home? Then let her use HER home address.

    No no, there's no way in the world I would agree to this!
  10. I totally agree with u. I am in a dilemma. I am not good at saying no especially to family members.

    If it is for my sister, I may say yes cos I trust her. But it is for my nephew's wife and I dont really know her.

    I am really worried about the implications.
  11. I did suggest using their own home addresses but my sister felt that their addresses are not impressive (business like) and clients will know she operates from home.

    I suggest PO Box but my sister felt that that is not a proper business address. She is also not in favour of a mailbox address because of the inconvenience of going there to collect the mails etc.
  12. If they don't want to use their home address, they need to march over to the post office and sign up for a P.O. Box. If they don't want to use their address, why would you want to use your own private address?

    Many, many businesses have P.O. Boxes, especially for billing purposes. Stand your ground and say no.
  13. Sanity - I know what you mean, I'm often asked to do something that my close friends and family know I wouldn't want to do but they also know that I'm a total pushover and very rarely say No.

    If you can't say know to your Sister directly then get your OH involved - have a pow wow, talk all the positives and negatives through - that way your family know that you are saying No for all the right reasons and not just to be "awkward"
  14. I have my own home based business and use a P.O. Box. I wouldn't do it. What if people come to your house looking for the business? :tdown:
  15. Hard as it is, just say NO! You won't know what they'll be doing unless you're part of the business.